Devil's Breath

I have seen this post by Dagitari Wanjohi kwa fb about the deadly drug called scopolamine.

I have heard stories of people being hypnotized and robbed. You meet a stranger, shake hands, and the next minutes your mind is blank and your pockets are empty including your bank account. Is it real?

Daktari wa kijiji @Luther12 how does this drug work? is it scientifically possible or its just some black magic thing?

here is a documentary on the same. They claim it is found in columbia only but I have a feeling it grows here in Kenya too.

hio muchene ungeulizia huko ulikuwa unashukiwa nywele ,yaani huko facebook



This, along with other date rape drugs, already discussed at length here:

Admittedly, some of the anecdotes are funny but they offer valuable lessons.