Development AID in Africa

Mzungu is ferking Africa

I watched this sometime last week…amazing how this German company (European Foods Africa) sells Frozen Pizzas from Germany in Kenya and is partly funded by German Development Aid and supposedly a good Public Private Partnership model for supporting development in Kenya! How does this even begin to qualify as development aid??? I wonder nani ali approve hii venture and if they fully understood what is involved… nani ameona hizo pizza zao huku by the way?

Ni njia yao kukula pesa. Ata Mimi sijawahi ona hizo frozen pizzas. Umeona hii ya European dairy products being dumped in West Africa.

Yeah man! Saw this last week nikahisi kichwa kimekua moto.

Yeah saw this too hata nikafikiria nilete hizo powdered milk huku nifungue ka-factory ya kutengeneza maziwa from this powder…vile maziwa imekua expensive!

Apparently, a protein in Milk from certain breeds of European cows causes diabetics among Africans, some of those cow hybrids have been introduced in our hybrid cows. Communities where these hybridized cows are not present do not have any significant levels of the disease.

This is quite bullshit…are our leaders blind or they are just dumb-asses? or they are actually beneficiaries. How can a 32-toothed homo sapiens sapiens approve the fencing of a dam away from the community. Europeans just do what they got to do, exploit these ignorant and stupid people for business. That is duping. and principle for business. If i were also to go to such business. Furthermore if these lands were left to African governments, it will be more of galana and kulalus…who bewitched Africa? You cant be given arable and conducive land and then you be given the brains.

Niliona Jana on my Sunday marathon on documentaries. Kuna ingine ya Afghan noma sana from vice TV

The situation is getting ridiculous. Would Germany agree to import ready made pizza from Nairobi to their country? Kenya has cheaper labour, cheaper milk, cheaper flour.
Wouldn’t they throw all types of obstacles citing frivolous things to block the attempt?
Crazy is not enough to describe this

Bro, please give links to this.

Me I stopped drinking cow milk Kitambo.

I only drink fresh goat milk and almond milk. These taste way better than cows milk.

The British used aid money to build Garden City Mall.

Kalau Galana went the same way when we invited the Israelis that project is failing due to stupid government thinking. The dam to irrigate the farm was never built ( Grand High Falls) so the project pumps water out of the Tana making it inefficient during the rivers low season.

Almond milk unatoa wapi?

There are several articles out there on google, once I locate the research article relating to African’s I will provide a link. Atrticel below looks at type 1 diabetes.

The indigenous cows, goat /sheep milk helps protects against many of the diseases we face today they have a certain immunity which is transferred to us but now lost. ( GMO -Genetical Modifed Cows not good for Humans)

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In Kenya the prices are expensive but any of the big malls in the city sell them.