Developing an app

Villagers I need advice I have an idea which I want to develop into an app and have a website too where should I start


Sina clue where to start that’s y nauliza procedure I wanted to write a business plan I pitch it to an angel investors nikikosa I get a loan and start

Following for a friend.

Minimum cost for a properly written app by people with experience start at a minimum of $800…thats the app alone.

Otherwise you need to be able to write down whay you plan this app and website to do. How you picture it working, how it will work on the user end.
And do a proper search to make sure someone isnt already doing it successfully. Otherwise you might spend time and developing your chat app wassapp and then be thoroughly disappointed at the end

I can hook you up with a guy who can do an app for you

You want someone to invest in an idea without proof of revenue/patents/concept?

Nipee link yake ama yako najua tu idea in business plan form am not a techie guru


Sit down with pen and paper and decide what you want the app to do, list down the features, you can use akina Adobe Experience designer or sketch to design the UI/UX or an idea of what it should look like and do…powerpoint achia 18th centrury… Adobe XD ni free…

create a prototype of the app, you can use free or trial hosting platforms for this…a prototype will help you create a budget…

tumia prototyoe to approach your investors, prototypes huwa way better than ideas on a Powerpoint presentation…

create the betas and invite users to test it out, iron out the bugs and implement new features …

when stable tolea watu version 1

my opinion, corrections are welcomed

You are not being honest to this guy. He has a dream and thinks everyone will love it. Not so fast. You should find thr cheapest way of putting your content out. Let it get a decent following.

The easiest most economical is a website. When you have people subscribing to your idea, that is when you make access easy for them by introducing and App.

Since its still a dream, ask yourself, what gap are you addressing in the community/ your target market. Sometimes an App may mot be necessary.

Look at kenyatalk, people consider writing www kwa browser as being old skul. But you and 18,000 others do that. No need for a app. Though it will increase convinience.

Dont go to unnecessary expenses. Investors ask the hard questions. Prepapre to answer “What Problem /gap are you solving”…in your writen plan. has developers hungry for cash… Their supply is high hence low prices… Just post a job offer and you’ll get lotsa proposals

I think you n I were in the same Biz Planning class. Pewa like


Start with a website as it easier to conceptualize as compared to a mobile app. A website will reach more users and is relatively cheaper than the cost of developing a mobile app. As your product grows, you may then decide to build a mobile application of which Android would be the best platform to start on since it is open source.