Despite issues, Huawei leads the 5G market with 50 commercial contracts


25 June 2019
During Shanghai’s “5G is now” summit, Huawei’s managing director took the time to boast about the company’s success in the 5G business. He said that the Chinese telecom equipment supplier managed to secure 50 commercial contracts worldwide making it the biggest 5G equipment supplier in the world.

Shipments exceed 150,000 sets and contracts include countries such as South Korea, Finland, Switzerland, and the UK. Nokia and Ericsson take the second and third place with 30 and 18 contracts, respectively.

Huawei is dominating the market due to its 2160 5G SEP patents whereas Nokia holds 1516. Statistics show that 34% of the 5G equipment comes from China, South Korea takes 25% of the market, the US and Finland are about 14% each and Sweden only 8%.

It appears that despite the US ban on Huawei’s 5G equipment, the company managed to maintain its leadership worldwide.


I don’t like Huawei

I like Huawei Products. But what I don’t like about the company is about the accusations that they have a backdoor for the Chinese government to access peoples information. That is not fair in terms of Privacy.

There is no evidence its just an accusation

Google is also accussed for even more serious infringement of people’s privacy but watu hawafanyi anything about it