Desperado or not?

I applied for a senior managerial position in a locally well known mhindi owned firm yesterday (4th may) and to my surprise, I was called today and asked to attend an interview tomorrow (6th may).
I know am not that over qualified or over experienced to warrant such immediate response from this company.
Just wondering: is this company too desperate to hire?
I don’t intend to attend. .

just attend, what do you have to loose and ask for very good money

Yeah …just attend why apply if ur not goin to go for it

I have worked with wahindis …all i know wanakunyonya vilivyo but they harden you and make you think outside the box
to survive

Attend on the downside the company may be having a very high turnover of employees due to internal issues

@The.Black.Templar and @Purr_27 : Thanks for the advise, but to me I see a company with a flawed recruitment process and probably no strong HR department. This is a red flag coz it shows that hiring could be very casual (so is firing).

nipe jina ya hiyo kampuni ni apply…akiniita i will attend the interview halafu baadaye nitakwambia vile ilienda


unafikiri wali advertise kama hawana haja?

Whether they’re desperate or not won’t change your job description or reduce your salary.
Why did you apply in the 1st place? Acha upus.

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Just go. It could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sio loose, ni lose.:smiley:

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Whats the name of the company? Talkers may know a thing or two that could influence your decision to attend or not.

Junkie ameona hii? LOL!


Swali tu. Does this company begin with letter P?

So why did you apply for the position?


@ Daktari. I also apply for jobs to test whether my skills are still relevant in the market. But on 2 occasions I got good offers nikakataa.

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hi ndio tunaaita testing the waters

I do that sometimes alafu unaitisha mshahara yenye unajua hawawezani.

ilienda kitu kama hii?
okiya: Can you please employ me? I am a very qualified stone mason
employer: You dont have enough references and the relevant experience, I am sorry
Okiya: Please nionee huruma bibi na watoto watakufa njaa
employer: sawa basi vile umelia sana anza kazi on monday
Okiya : ama wa cha tu.


It does not start with P and I do this every time to test my relevance in the market. Sometimes I don’t get replies and other times I attend interviews. I wouldn’t want to name it for obvious reasons.
I have read the villagers’ comments and decided to call them kesho morning and reschedule the interview to Tuesday next week. I want to know more about them and why they are recruiting from junior to senior positions yet they have been in the market for long.
Ps: Am quite OK with my current job.

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