Designer ninino

Kwa yule mwanakijiji alikua anatafuta usaidizi in an earlier thread habari ndio hi

[SIZE=5]City women coughing a cool 300,000 for designer ‘cookie jars’[/SIZE]

By Pkemoi Ng’enoh & Gardy Chacha

Having a designer vagina is now a medical procedure available in Nairobi.

Cost Sh80,000 per session to undergo vagina tightening surgery, and clients undergo four sessions to complete the process. The total cost ranges between Sh250,000 and Sh300,000.

Cosmetic vaginal surgery aimed at tightening up a loose vaginaIt is commonly combined with labiaplasty, which aims to change the appearance of the vaginal lips (labia) to a cosmetically appealing look.”

Women should not expect miracles, since the surgical tightening of the vagina, after changes that come with childbirth and age, cannot guarantee heightened sexual response

Vaginoplasty, like any other invasive medical procedure, can go wrong and therefore going for it blindly could cause regrets in future


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And then @uwesmake comes along in stealth mode, inflicts maximum damage on the ikus and a whole 300,000/= goes down the drain…coz there’s now a mtaro!

what God has made, wacha ikae hivyo, hivyo.

there goes the caution nikikuibia apana lalamika these guy is just here to extort cash from these mama’s

Yangu iko tightest!!

You cant blow your own trumpet, leta hapa I advice you how it is.

Alafu after surgery unanipa nairaruwa tena hahahahah

Business ya pervert anataka kuguzaguza kuma za watu!! Blady fakin

Akishamaliza operation anafanya test drive kuhakikisha iko poa… :D:p:D:D

Come! Nishafika tao

Leta number

Weka evidence tuone ama uletee nionjee

The proof of the pudding is in the…

Where in tao nikuje unionjeshe?

Will their investment pay back?


my problem is that this is written in a public newspaper. read by these testosterone fueled kids in holiday and strike. i am ashamed of my country. that’s why the boy child is always musthing, just to taste the cookie jar.