Designer Colognes

Anyone here who knows about the designer Colognes, being sold in CBD for as low as 2000ksh are they genuine or fake?

That should not be in one sentence sir. Colognes are cheap as they are less concentrates of essential oils and other good stuff, what they are selling in town ,(the cheap ones), are plain water infused with fragrance,and to dupe you even more,they will dab the spray head with the expensive fragrance .
FYI perfumes are high concentrates and not just for women,its a misconception. Men do perfumes as well


Asante Sana boss

They’re grade 3-4 of the original fragrance. This means they’re diluted to some extent therefore they’re not strong and long lasting as the original ones. If you want original perfume or fragrance check out Cierra Perfumes on IG. They’re legit.

Ile Cologne mii natambua ni Jean Paul Gaultier for men ama Paco Rabanne 1 million. You smell like a million bucks wearing them… nimebeba warembo kwa klub mara nyingi juu ya hizi cologne pekee.

Ama sauvage dior

How much is it??

For fellow peasants, kuoga asubuhi na jioni, apply deodorant ya 500, some body lotion and all is good because mimi najuanga perfume perfect costs nothing less than 10k and I’m not yet ready to spend that much. Ama kuna msee anajua of very good perfumes with smells that lingers for hours and costs less than 3k???

Anyone come across the “Paul Smith” brand


Siko sure hapa kwetu ni ngapi … I usually get them brought to me kutoka mayolo.

Top time shop hupima hizo designer perfumes. Kale kachupa kadogo kuna za 400 shs kitu 25-30 ml bottle, fragrance original kabisa lakini duka zao za Nairobi huwanga wamedilute sana kuliko their Mombasa shops.

Ile pesa unamwaga kwa madame sacrifice siku moja and buy a good cologne. But kama unataka cologne ya 3k utapata but itakuwa the ones that were released a long time ago such as Davidoff Kool Waters na Kenzo.

Eau de Tap…:smiley:

Sometimes just washing is enough to be the king of the room.

Hydrosol manenos…

Zoea kuoga acha kuwa kama wararo marashi bure kabisa!

mwanaume ni kunuka kajasho na toe fungus na abscessed tooth na chrome vodka

Acqua di gio profumo na bvlgari acqua pia gets me complemented na mayengs…there is a tom ford that leaves a trail wherever you go…will look for the specific brand.

OMG, yes! Some people should be introduced to shower gel first and only then introduced to the world of cologne. Although, I know many people who seem to confuse cologne with shower gel and pour half a bottle on themselves. Don’t do that, please. Even the most elegant perfume from a store like is not worth pouring all over yourself at once. I like to buy samples of famous perfumes. I don’t wear them often, so samplers are a good option when I need to show up at a party or on a date.