Dereva chunga maisha

A horrific site to be hold, a fusso truck rammed the behind of a Toyota Hiace causing the death of six passengers on the spot and leaving a couple with serious injuries. This happened early in the morning in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.


“In God We Trust” are the words written on that toyota Hiace, I’ve seen this trend where local matatus and buses brand themselves with Godly signage, posters and pictures of gospel artists all in hopes that they will get some sort of protection, fact is if you’re driving bad your car wont get any protection from God.


God forbid! …

It was ‘rare ended’


Chances are, the matatu driver saw a passenger and as usual for most of them, using his head like a helmet, applied emergency break assuming that the side mirrors nizakujiangalia akinyoa ndevu ama akitoa sukuma kwa meno

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I second you.

What sort of argument is this? Thinking like a gecko…

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Niaje @Female Perspective

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I will say it again and i dont give a pair of Fucks if im insulted But :
Where are the Emergency Services in these pictures? Sioni Ambulances,Fire and Rescue ama ata the Laziest of them all,the traffic police.
Not that they dont have them,but because sisi Wa-Afrika we just dont value human life enough either as a Resource or a Responsibility.
Hatupendani enough to do what is right as a matter of Precaution in avoiding such senseless accidents by following simple Road traffic rules yet we will be the first to attend Maombolezi .

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You should come back home and show us how to go about it…don’t just point a finger! May be you could have helped in your own small way…coming from where systems work


You can bet your pair of Balls i will!
I am not thick enough to think that i can change people`s attitudes overnight but if i can make you believe that You following all the rules of the road might save a life tonight that will be a good start.

My pair of balls…hahaha!

aren’t we rushing to conclusions here? insufficient data to make a realistic conclusion…

hapa si merseyside, my friend…

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I feel you my friend but we have to start somewhere, Nothing wrong with imitating a system that works.
If we choose to adopt their technology,we might as well as well embrace the rights and responsibilities that come with that technology otherwise it will work against us.

there are just so many things we would want to have; food for the family on one meal of kaugali and sukuma soup 30/30, boots for our soldiers in boni forest, chalk for our schools, sweet water wells for the rendille at kargi, and so forth…there is only so much that our shilling can do for now…

Kufuata sheria za barabarani doesn`t cost anybody anything and the most amazing thing is how much easier it becomes for ALL to drive when everyone is doing what hey are supposed to be doing.

shida za barabarani ni mbili. kutumia ujinga na mind altering substances…