Deputy Chief Justice Mwilu



Warning shots being fired?



Na kama kawaida blame the govt.if maraga rules the election should happen on Thursday nashuku someone will come out and say this shooting was a form of intimidation

Sad. The govt will be blamed as usual

Today we said it’s a game of chess, unfortunately being played on people

Things unraveling very fast.
Under whose instructions was he working? Huyu afinywe makende ikuwe powder.


Very fast.

please tell us your sober theory. nkt

Why oh why !

Not preempting anything but oh well…

It is highly unlikely that DCJ Mwilu driver attack is govt sanctioned for two main reasons.

#1 killing a supreme court judge, soon after the president promised to deal with the four, a day to elections would be the dumbest political move.

#2 When a state with a huge security budget, tech & highly-trained officers like Kenya wants you dead, not even fate can save you.

It’s a scare tactic. Chupiree are killers