Depreciates faster than Roysambu slay queens...Leteni hekaya



Anza na hekaya yako

The wall is undefeated

hii imekua overpriced, one seller posted a kcf at 685k

Leta effidense na hekaya

Pardon my stupid question, but my knowledge on cars is very limited. Mbona BMW hu depreciate haraka ivi?


Thats a good price for that car. Its kca counterparts for other brands are going for the same. You should remember this is no more expensive than a toyota Premio. Its also smaller and less spacious than other brands.

Bottomless money pit…can’t touch it even on a 10 foot pole

Coz they are money pits. Machine iko sawa lakini wacha ihitaji service.

I have a relative who sold a dependable toyota fortuna akanunua x5 Bmw. Manze hata hakuenda nayo sana ikachapa engine. Another engine was like another car. Kidogo alternator ikachapa. Kwenda lwa dealer akapewa quote wazimu ikabidi anunue from dubai. Akangoja almost a montg gari ikiwa imelala akingoja parts. German cars are over engineered. Gari ndio ubadilishe radiator lazima ungoe bumber ya mbele. Who does that. Toyota unangoa radiator in less than an hr

what if you buy and use for special occasions pekee?

Unless you are stinking rich, never buy a car in Africa unless it’s Toyota or Nissan. And mostly the former. Other brands may totally frustrate you.

Gari ni reliability na affordability of parts.Ushai kuwa tempted kuweka engine ya Toyota Kwa Mercedes ama iyo bima?
Hata wacha iyo, unanunua Range rover Vogue 2nd hand at 2 mirrion …manze unaanza badilisha shocks kila moja ni 150k, sijui suspension sijui weee utaitana

Wacha BMW…jaribu Volvo. Utacheka hadi mbavu iume.

Wacha zako. Benz w204 from 2008 KBY na Mbele huwess pata na less than 1m.

Thats not a benz.

Hii ni tunnel vision. German cars are good, but you must maintain all their systems well. Japanese cars are simple.

At no point did I say it was. It’s "counterparts "KCA and above are selling way better. Min KCA benz w204 itakua 1.35m min. Na juu. Worst resale volvo…then bmw

The comparison I made is with japanese cars that people claim have better resale prices. Used bmw from japan is usually not that expensive.
Mercedes is just different more reliable and far more well made.