At times i wonder who just cursed these people.

[I]Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga wants officers from the Kenya Navy stationed at the disputed Migingo Island to quell simmering tension in the area.

The legislator asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to order the deployment of the officers as a way of protecting the country’s sovereignty.

There is disquiet at the tiny island after news emerged of plans by Uganda to station new military officers to man the area.

Migingo is endowed with abundant supply of fish, hence the interest between Kenya and Uganda on its location.

While Kenya has maintained that the 0.5 acre rock is in its territory, its neighbour says the waters bordering the island is theirs.

But Anyanga said a plan by Uganda to withdraw the existing marine officers at the island and replace them with a new batch has sparked anxiety.

He questioned the timing of the changes especially with the planned August 8 poll, adding that he suspects a plot by Uganda to interfere with the general election.

“We have complaints of harassment of Kenyans living along the border with Uganda in Western and Nyanza,” Anyanga said.

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“We need a strong statement from Kenya in regard to soldiers crossing over into the country to met atrocities against citizens,” the MP said.

Anyanga said Lake Victoria is considered an international water body, hence needs to be shielded by Kenya Defence Forces.

“The request for the Navy is long overdue. We passed the motion during the 10th parliament to the effect,” the legislator said on phone on Wednesday.

The MP said that the matter needs to be resolved once and for all so that the livelihoods of those who depend on the water is not disrupted.[/I]

The problem can be resolved when they secede as they have been demanding and M7 annexes them.

But I am with them on this issue about Migingo. Uhuru should have done something about it.

Wasn’t Raila PM when this issue was still there

He could have been, but it does not absolve our cic, does it?

Matter of interest and concerns as it affects the lives of fellow Kenyans who get their income from there

Dont they pay taxes?

let NRM also station their soldiers there

No it doesnt but as someone who was PM and from that region he surely should have taken a special interest in this. He can command a whole region not to vote but he cant sort out their livelihoods?

Raila Odinga would like the Migingo problem to remain as long as possible. I won’t tell why!

@Elin tulia.

hahaha, i thought everyone has the right to information in our constitution

M7 and former President Kibaki stage managed this migingo issue to prop M7 elections campaigns back then. Did you ever think two nations who are each other biggest trading partner will go to war over a rock and fish!!!