Deorro, Web Dev, the black templar na wengineo

Nikipanga line leo mahali kulikua na dem msuper kuruka mbele yangu about five places. Sasa blunder alikua na either mathake ama auntie yake not sure. Had they been immediately in front of me ningeanza a general conversation but due to the distance Nilikula na macho tu. Which got me thinking, what if we could design an app which when left ON, makes mobile devices visible to other mobile devices with the app turned on via Bluetooth… you only get to access the other persons device and communicate via text like wattsup after they allow you to. This would be of course within the limited Bluetooth range and would have a reject option.
The app would only send a name, no number thus ensuring privacy… It would help shy boys like old manki improve their chances of getting laid, hook up with the hot babe seated at the front of the mat, hook up in church during service, the list is endless and the possibilities great. This would be a definite hit among the youth! Hehe @admin wachana na magazine idea, hio ni analogue…
We could name it tukatiane or tujuane Hehe… Maybe i was daydreaming, or it was just a light bulb moment! What do you say talkers?


You forgot hackers, spammers, jerks and cons. This is why you need expresss permission from the owner of the device in the form of contacts so as to communicate to them. There is no bad business idea unless it has already failed tho’.

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I think the hacking would be minimal as theres no numbers exchanged unless they agree which happens all the time when we get numbers from strangers. Phones also have a blacklist option

Watengeneze kenyan version of Tinder

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The struggle of a fisi:D


We should patent this asap

Great idea shida tu ni vile wengi wetu tunapenda kudownload vitu za free

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He who hesitates wanks

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sasa madam ndio amefanya ufikirie idea hi ya kifala fala ivi

What makes u think any cute lady wants to be katiwad,how many niggaz do u think noticed her even on her way to that particular place, tht idea of such an app wud be totally a bother to a lot of ppl. Dosent she have anything else to do apart frm replying some random invites frm jerks get a life dude…idea yako ni ya kutomba chini @uncle nyang’au


I had this same idea last year. I had began early stage development on it but stopped to pursue something else. However, leaving bluetooth on which is a big battery consumer and an app which works in a minimum distance range isnt really that helpful.
But here is what i was thinking instead of bluetooth, let it run using gps location to a range of say 1km. And since it isnt using bluetooth but off the net, battery consumption is low.
The problem is that, there are similar apps out there that more or less do this. I dont think they have gained much traction though because of apps like Tinder.

You cant patent the idea. Patents are for actual inventions. If you built the app, you could patent the source code.

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This idea can’t work. I know you must have had a call from a wrong number. You tell the caller, no I don’t know you or what you are talking about, sorry must be a wrong number. How do you feel if such a person persists and tries to chat you up. Am sure 9 out of 10 times, you lose your patience, disconnect the call or tell them off.

Such an app exists. Inaitwa Bluetooth.

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hehe. Top contender for the FOYA award.

Light bulb moment

Vile Snapdragon amesema tuliza ufisi nani


Remember every message send across has the device ip …all bluetooth and free wifi is a hackers paradise

You didn’t get my point it’s a fun app for teens…just pure kiddish fun! Just because your copycat negro brain has never come up with an original idea except imitating Chinese hackers doesnt mean it cant work…pray, state me one of your original ideas as an IT savvy guy… Same goes to @highschooler
you call yourselves tech savvy guys when infact you’re just shit… All i hear from you is how you can hack stolen phones and laptops Hahaha (nigger mentality) I’m not an IT guy, but when i suggest something you come up with insults… You my friend you’re the one who needs to grow a brain

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