@deorro highschooler and android gurus pt 2

Hallo gentlemen and ladies hope your tuesday is coming along fine. Yesterday i bought a samsung galaxy j 1. I immediately embarked on rooting it having realised the benefits of using a rooted phone. In
The process i soft bricked it and its stuck on the booting logo. I have searched for official rom on google to no success( i keep getting mirrors and my internet is damn slow) knowing how you two are good at torrents could yu kindly download it for me and send it via any means possible ( i will mpesa kasomething for the troubles)

waacha kuharibu simu. manufacturer hakua mjinga

EXACT PHONE MODEL?? We do not want to hard brick it with the wrong ROM do we?

Samsung galaxy j1

Honorable member from Lokitaung. please go to the point

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Naomba serikali inisaidie

which rooting tool did you use?

Niliflash cwm via odin but i was to root na iroot but never got the chance coz ilistuck kwa booting logo

ahaha sasa hii simu ni mpya… si urudishe kwa samsung… watakufixia sare… waambie wewe uliwasha simu ikakwama hapo… i guess wataitudisha stock rom na ikue sawa…
pia kingroot ni poa ya kuroot… but ungeroot kwanza na upige backup

I have never understood the benefits of rooting…once you get old these things seem like utotology.

ukiroot unaweza toa bloatware {useless apps}

As long as the useless app doesnt run in the background whats the fuss.hata windows hukuja na some useless apps but you just live with it.


@Davidee why should you have apps that you dont use? Mpaka ma trial versions za games. Halafu pia kuna apps utaka rooted phones. Saidieni na mtu wa j1 ama urudishe coz iko na warranty


Rooting or attempting rooting violates the warranty anyway am in touch by a certain tech hopefully by kesho i will report back on the progress

Oh yes i remembered that. All shall be well as long as its samsung things would be worse if its unkown brands which getting resources online is almost next to imposible

unasema tu hukua unajua ala… nimepeleka tecno flani carlcare mara kama nne na ni juu ya kubrick ikiroot… wanajuanga hizi vitu huhappen

Haha @highschooler techno boom yangu ilisema no command. Nikiwa kwa jam ya kwenda tao from rongai cjui nini nilifanya ikawaka na hapo nikatamatisha safari ya kwenda customer care center

haha MTK ni za kishenzi sana

But i want to get a Lenovo one and its MTK too. is it advisable? am a Lenovo lover