@deorro avicii and highschooler

Goodevening comrades could anyone of you kindly help me with a working link where i can download whatsapp plus? I have been using whatsapp reborn and there is virtually no difference with the playstore one better still if kuna apk i would gladly accept.

I have tried our friend google in vain!

Good evening salut

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Deorro sounds like Diarrhoea

nilitafuta nkakosa, i jst hate ths official whtsapp


Ndio hiyo apo nimeweka. Enjoy

Nahuyu ndiye mzee wa kanisa according to @Female Perspective?


Whatapps mods are dead as far I know. Either due to DCMA (facebook catching up on mods/dev) or whatsapp got a facelift i.e. material design. Here are the latest mods. Take your pick.
[SIZE=5]Dashdow Whatsapp Plus 2.54[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]WhatsMapp SOLO v1.2.0[/SIZE]
https://userscloud.com/5kercfinbo9v Stock Emoji
https://userscloud.com/rd2z0566sd38 Google Emoji

Whatsapp Custom MOD 1.93

[SIZE=6][SIZE=5]WhatsFapp v1.20 Dual WhatsApp+ Reborn in One Phone [/SIZE][/SIZE]
@junkie endorses this

@imei2012 Tafadhali wacha pombe mbili hapo Checkers, dreams is too noisy for me.

Just say the word when yu are around hatuwezi kosa quarter na bia mbili i love dreams juu ya reggae

Thanks @Deorro nimeinstal looks great thanks bro


Ujinga wake huniletea pesa mwisho wa mwezi. For now i will ignore him.

Yeye ni moderator mavi

I hope you know the origin of that pseudonym by the way:


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Yeah got alll his songs. Been a fan since last year when i stumbled on his soundcloud page. In klist i used Avicii before his breakout album same as Deorro. I hope he creates an album soon juu us akina Deadmaus 5 ndio huwika

He got no idea kazi ni kupayukapayuka hapa.

In Klost I told you that you lack creativity and originality and you denied it and yet now you confirm it. Kweli wewe ni Moderator Mavi

Next time u refer to me as mavi or any insulting word again i will make both your ip address guests in this website

Nini mbaya na watu wengine lakini?:eek:

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okay. lets the games begin

After testing the whatsapp plus thoroughly i can now report to villagers that i have:

  1. Hidden my online status
  2. Hidden the blue ticks
  3. Hidden typing for contacts
    4.Hidden typing for groups
  4. Hidden last seen for everybody

In other words am a ghost on whatsapp but can promptly reply to important messages while ignoring others. This will save me the anguish ya quail kuniuliza mbona anaona imei typing halafu anangoja message haifiki