Yesterday after after kutoka job on my way home I bumped into a familiar face; DENYQUE. Guys you remember Denyque that sexy girl Tiffany tagged along when we went for a date and it turned ugly. Yea that one. Damn she looked so sexy and stunning. She was in a black mini skirt and it brought her well shaped ass, and exposed her thighs for others to see. I even regretted why I had let her go. She looked ptettier than before and vibrant. When I bumped into her, I pretended not to have seen her and get away but then she noticed and said “Leon, acha kujifanya najua umeniona”, I wanted to get her from her coz of what transpired between her and Tiffany. We hugged and fuck she hasn’t lost her sense of being. She hugged me tightly its as if she had missed me for long, " Nimekumiss Leon", I replied back “Ooh ni sawa”, she continued " Cmon Leon yaani hujanimiss?“, I was to reply back to her but then she was like “ama ni juu ya ile story”, " Denyque tuchoree iyo story please”, “Leon, am sorry for what happened”, "Denyque its fine I forgot about it. She continued “its not fine Leon am sorry aki”, " Can we talk about this at my place if you don’t mind “, I asked her. " Yes sure”, she accepted to come home we talk about it. She wasn’t in the mood of going home early as she didn’t feel like it. Girls like Denyque are those girls who can come to your place and spend an eternity in your place hadi ufikirie umeoa. I could feel the tension between us go down and I could sense she was happy about it. In 45 minutes due to the evening traffic jam we were home. Otherwise we would take only 15 minutes and we would be home.

Once in the house she was like “Mmmm Leon you have such good taste, damn you have such a good house I like it”, I said " Good taste??, Like you? “, “hehe I think you should come taste me and say if i have good taste”. That was an open invitation for me to go fuck her. What I dreamt of actually came true. At that moment I didn’t care if she had slept with 12 dudes or what, I had to drill that pussy so bad to the point of dismantling it. I had taken a packet of yoghurt from my fridge to go serve her some but when she suggested I taste her I came with it, put it on my table sat beside her and Mmmwaaah went our lips. This chic has some really nice lips fuck we kissed till I could feel my dick almost tearing off the zippers of my trouser. She’s this kinky type of girl who is into kinky sex. She would go down on me take off off trousers really slow than come back for a quick kiss. She would then caress and stroke my dick with her hands slowly then stop then continue. SHIT it felt so fucking good. Her soft hands did the magic. In minutes we were both naked after which I carried her to my ‘kichinjio’ my bedroom. I placed her on my bed and I knew today was gonna be a good day for me. I put her on my bed ready to foreplay her but then I remember I left yoghurt on my table and this could work out a trick I went grabbed and a couple of ice cubes from my fridge and came back. I heard her say, “naona unataka tuact 50 shades kwa bedroom yako”, " Hehe si bado ni poa tukiact”, with that I opened the yoghurt and poured it on her from her breasts to her tummy. I then started licking it as I went down on her she would moan as I did this and I could feel I was doing a good job.

I would reach her tummy and she would inua her hips. I repeated the process again but this time with an ice cube in my mouth. I would take the ice cube and glide it over her from her breasts to her tummy. She even panted with heavy breaths when I did this. It was followed by me playing with her pussy by my fingers. I then inserted my fingers and started applying pressure in her pussy. She moaned as I did this, “babe aki usiache”, Denyque never calls me " babe", but yesterday she did and I knew I was doing a good job. I continued applying pressure and her moans and breath became even heavier then I heard her say “Leon nacum”, she then moved to the edge of the bed, I didn’t have time to prepare for it, she moaned so loudly and out she splashed hot liquid to my hands and the rest of my bedroom. She continued screaming while shaking with pleasure. It was beautiful watching her experience an orgasm and damn girl’s orgasms are so intense. She was so weak with pleasure then I hear her say " I love you Leon", yaani I made her orgasm real crazy to the point of her confessing her love to me it was a gracious sight. As much as she didn’t want to make my bed wet with her squirt, some fell on my bedsheet but good thing i have a thick bedsheet and it didn’t get to my bed. She was like “ntakuoshea bed sheet before niende home”, I wanted to ask her to stay for the night but with that statement, I had my answer and I knew the night would be a long one full of pleasures.

Peasant with good taste but a single bedsheet. meffi imagination

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaeish!!! is this still a dream or i am i awake, let me wash my face 1st

sijamaliza…ati umemeet na dame then mkaenda kufuck same day? Doesn’t add up.

Bernice, Crystal Sasa ni Denyque.

Unawapatianga hizi jina Ngumu ndio ujiskie unakula maSlayQueens nini??

What makes you think we can remember such crap???

UPUSSUUUUUU :rolleyes:

Hii ni umeffi. Kwani wewe conquest zako zote ni kunynanduana tu. Too fickle!

Why would she call you babe? If it was the first time fucking what other opportunities could she have had to call you babe that she didn’t!??
This statement ndio imefanya niache hekaya coz clearly it’s copy paste
Ama ulete mbisha ya huyo Denyque tukaguwe


VE anapigwa masweeps bila huruma :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hata hamkuoga kwanza, and you were licking the yoghurt. Dirty sex for sure