Dental clinic

In 2016 September I had my tooth filled probably after some dentist convinced me to fill it something I came to find out wasnt necessary since it had no problem at all (fuck him). Since yesterday I have started filling some sensitivity on the tooth that was filled 5 years ago especially when drinking something warm or when chewing something hard. Where can I get my tooth checked and filled at a pocket friendly price?

I wanted to use my NHIF but after being told to pay cash for tests and drugs I fear I might be told the process isnt covered by NHIF!

Any reliable leads, na unasema bei pia nijue ni pesa ngapi nafaa nijipange nayo!

Doctors are becoming cons everywhere just to make an extra dime,ningekutuma kwa @dr.n but he is into the scam too
I am also shopping for a new dentist after the one who used to serve me started being fishy.Charges pop up every now and then under unclear circumstances,ignoring appointment…ohhhh boy I got so much to rant about.
Solution to your problem is to kung’oa hizo meno

taiba in ngara

kung’oa ni extreme. Nataka nipate opinion ya at least 2 dentists alafu nione the way forward.