Dennis Okari Ni Mtiaji

Mwanume akiachwa ni kuangusha manudes. My jerrycan of Vaseline is almost expiring

Utangoja, after the breakup he found jesus.


He attends Chrisco Upper Room pale Railways Club. I even attended the Baptism where he was one of the initiates.

huyy mumama anakuanga amechomeka left shoulder, ama naonanaga vitu zangu?

Kwani utatomba shoulder ? Jinga.

ako na scar


isn’t every religion a cult?

Ziko wapi izo ma nudes


na petroleum jelly ishapanda bei due to fuel tax.

Muthee, what type of fixing were you doing pale?

fiashara ni mingi…kila mahali. wengine wanataka image makeover…

apana. mimi ni msee wa armpit.
iko na nywele na anaeza kaza ikuwe tight.
just like a coomer

walikosana na mtu akamwagiwa acid?


From mharo but probably plausible

What many do not know is that the Flair By Betty Parlour owner, was dating Joho while still married to Okari and when Okari learned about the affair with the politician, he confronted his now estranged wife.

Betty came clean about the affair and walked out of the marriage and into a fully furnished home in Nairobi’s Kilimani area, a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne.

It has also been revealed that soon after leaving Okari, things between Joho and Betty went south as she was now “too much” for him to handle.

The former Friday Briefing presenter became a handful for the county boss. She wanted this, that and the other thing. She even demanded to be named Mombasa County First Lady.

Joho could not handle the pressure from Betty prompting him to slowly cut ties with her.

He repossessed the Kilimani house which was not in Betty’s name,and the BMW. This was followed by the Porsche Cayene which was repossessed as she drove along Mombasa Road when Joho’s guards stopped her near Nyayo Stadium.

Enyewe kunguru hafugiki. Whoever coined that phrase hapa ktalk nakupa heshima zangu