Denmark village Vs Kenyan village



Switzerland ndio fiti

Those Nordic countries are ever so green

Traditional african village is eco-friendly. We knew how to co-exist with nature. And the pics are not representative

Only in summer and autumn


climate you ape… they had to live through harsh weather, Africa’s weather does not necessarily require shelter… ukuona venye whities walikufa na heatstorm and no African died

There must be alot of land westage on Denmark with those oval fences

Whites don’t worship land the way we do here

Same with Kenyan Highlands, i don’t see why places like Molo, Kericho, Limuru and other places that share the same climate should be dusty, when sod is readily available.

Co-exist with nature wapi?! Angalia vile njaa na ukimwi na malisa sisi alafu unakuja hapa kuandika mehemehe mingi about “KOEXISTENCE”. Ghaseer! Tuna teseka sana huku. We should aim to improve the living standards of those living in villages hata kama ni by half of those in Denmark. Hii reasoning yako ndio inafanya waafrika waendelee kubaki nyuma. “WE WUZ KANGZ N SHIT!” stupidity. We are fucking behind!

Thats probably in summer. Wacha winter ingie. Asubuhi ni giza, jioni ni giza. Then lazima upabane na kutoa snow in the morning before driving to work.
There is nothing as refreshing as waking up in the african village in the morning and seeing the sun.

Those empty places, :oops: buloti Maguta Maguta.

We don’t even need tents for meetings.