Denmark inauwa nyoka

Jamaa wa Monaco BT sport yako haina rights ya Euro na umelipa banae.

Kumbe hata useless KTN is only showing selected matches? Kasia hao.

They’ll be showing Olympics too., selected events.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D peasant mijinga unapenda vitu za bure, sisi wasito wa DSTV premium hatuna hizo shida. na @administrator hukulipa 300,000 kshs per month zote unapeleka kwa child support unabaki na 10,000 kshs , betachieth wewe :D:D:D:D

Pray for

Kaseer! I discarded my dstv decoder and the dish long ago actually when KODI was the in thing. Have never looked back.
Ukitaka nitakutumia kwa PO kimilili.

Match suspended

What? QR.


Ericksen just collapsed without any contact…hope ako sawa

Clearly your streaming speeds are very slow…

why is the game suspended, si apigwe sub game iendelee. Inter-milan should airlift him to the best hospital

Ni kama amenyuria. Body language from players and medics

Morale ya game imeisha .

Ako fiti.

Weeh. Our bodies are very fragile


Hapa ingekuwa Game ya Sony Sugar na Kakamega homeboyz angekuwa amenyuria

His condition has improved…