Demonstrations in Kisumo City

Ktn news, they are claiming there is massive buying of I. D.s .@Pamba has kept vigil.

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Raila youths have besieged a Kisumu hotel, burning tyres, trying to break the perimeter wall and hurling rocks, where some Christian women were meeting to discuss peace during this election period.

This just 24 hours after other rowdy youths stoned a JP convoy in Kitui.

Police are on the scene of the Kisumu hotel, Jumuia, owned by the NCCK.

Meanwhile, JP youths - because they are cowardly and emaciated - are expected to take all shit dished out to them, I think.

I fear Maraga may have opened the bottle for the genie, my frens.


Pandora’s box was opened, but am optimistic after 18/10 the country shall take the right direction


Police in Kisumu dispersing youths who stormed a hotel claiming buying of ID cards at a meeting by the Nyanza Women of Faith Network.

no one buys IDs this early. Maybe one week to the elections…


Vote buying is real though I can’t tell whether it was going on. But how can peace be discussed?

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Yaani women meeting in a hotel to preach peace is the source of outmost primitivity violence from these savages. They are a cursed lot and their babuon will never lead this great nation.

70%+1 vote win.



As you know, I have some prophetic powers due to my interactions with my ancestors.

You can take this to the bank - there will be ethnic/lethal shootings/clashes in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Naivasha, Thika, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

Hii ujinga means hundreds will not ‘eat’ Christmas.


meanwhile, the kisii community minus @Eng’iti and @coldpilsner and honorary omugusii @Abba wako statehouse Nakuru meeting uhuruto!!
**while we attack this from all sides, our competitors can only congregate in kibera.


Fools galore, even if it was true, which I’m certain is not, you can simply walk into huduma centre get an abstract and a new ID within 2 weeks or less. These are just goons.


if u remember the uchochezi jana in kibra, id buying was top on the list. why can’t they just campaign like normal people do??


Shindwe!!! Prophet of doom.


Toa hapo Eldoret, who will fight who. Also the goons are a small minority in Nakuru, Naivasha to start anything, it will be suicide. Thika is been addressed and Moses Kuria being arrested is part of it. Negative emotions are being contained. Mombasa criminal gangs are currently hiding from security services crackdown. There is a not as open campaign (such as Hessy’s of Eastland’s in Nairobi) but just effective as well. That leaves the slums of Kibera, Mathare and Kisumu. That will be sorted easily like last month and it will not disrupt Kenya economic activity.


where to begin
when to start
who will be the leaders
how will the youths be engaged
which will be the ideal methods

inter alia

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stop assuming they are normal and rational. They are not. Tuwekewe picha wakipiga firimbi na wakiwa na uniform


id buying is real thou

As long as GSU contain them in their hoods wacha "peaceful protestors " wachome Kisumu na Kibira life will continue for the rest of us !


Mighty Prophet, toa Thika kwa hiyo list.


wait till you hear police are killing people in kisumu and luo lives matter and some other shit.

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Leta evidence ama ni Muchene??