Demonstration in Favor of Baba

I watched the news today with a lot of pain.A grown up man and probably with Children crying out loud that the same youth who demonstrated yesterday against baba should hold another demonstration to apologize/appease Baba. When will we ever learn Jamaneni?,we go ahead to demolish a charity Toilet in favor of flying toilet?
It is either Baba ameturoga ama akili zetu maji…Yahwa…

ati huyo baba yenu alivalishwa kofia ya senior kihii huko marakwet?


Na akafarishwa dress ya wa mama…[ATTACH=full]7903[/ATTACH]




Is this how Baba was dressed?

@Elin is a political gun at work.

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And he is a man as Supu don revealed

@Supu don come here…

Trust me… I have walked that road a hundred times…

i was here…

Elin = drama queen wa klost aka ranny.

not even close…

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Elin ndiye thirdman

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hii ni kali…time to generate some memes