Demon Children from Single Mothers.

I know most of you have dated a single mother and whether its a good or bad thing, thats still up for debate. Today lets talk about their kids, more specifically their kids from hell…kids so bad they might have been sired by satan. My experience… i dated this lovely lady with a boy aged 8 years…as a man i understand how you would want to protect your mother and all that…but this one was the spawn of Lucifer.This little fucker would scratch my car, break my windows and burst my tires as i attended to his lovely mommy. Elders Share your experiences…

hizi ndio topics hua zina changamsha kijiji, niaje admin:D

Beta male tales, can’t relate.

Next time buy the little sucker a gift when you visit his mom. A piece of chocolate bar will suffice.
Dont be so stingy. Or broke. Or both.

Unatombaje mama ya mtu akiwa next room na anaskia sound tracks ni kama @Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum akila nguruwe. Wewe ndio uko unfair, picture yourself in his shoes

There was one rascal that could not sleep nikiendea slices.

There was the one who purred like a cat after niliingizwa box huko ATC…could not concentrate. Demon children indeed.

Hahahaha. That was not an ordinary kid. It was Lucifer himself.

A friend of mine was dating this hot singo matha that had a 10 yr old keypii who was very weird.He loved reptiles but what made my friend bolt and akaingia mau forest was when the keypiii asked to be bought a snake as his birthday present

:D:D:Dmight stem from the fact that he hears you fucking his mom… that scars a boy

Huyu unamwekea cartoon awatch hadi umpee all sweets and chocolates available bado anakam kubang mlango eti mum fungua naogopa. Na once they start screaming, boss your dick will shrink.

That is not a big issue angemnunulia nyoka.

Jamaa angeingizwa snake kwa matako akirarua huyo single mother