Democrats Win Georgia Senate Runoff As Republican's Kelly Leoffler Refuses To Conceed

Get your popcorn.

[li]Democrat Raphael Warnock claimed victory in his Georgia Senate run-off race against Repubilcan Sen. Kelly Loeffler early Wednesday morning [/li][li]Major networks haven’t called either Georgia race, but Warnock was leading Loeffler by around 35,000 votes [/li][li]‘We were told we couldn’t win this election, but tonight we proved that hope, hardwork and the people by our side, anything is possible,’ Warnock said[/li][li]In the other run-off race, Democrat Jon Ossoff overtook Republican Sen. David Perdue shortly before 2 a.m. [/li][li]If Democrats win both Senate seats the party will win control of the upper chamber once President-elect Joe Biden is sworn-in on January 20 [/li][li]Loeffler spoke in Atlanta and didn’t concede, and instead attacked Warnock for ‘moving the country toward socialism’ [/li][/ul]


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So what next




yenyewe deep state ni nomare:D jamaa anajiita president lakini hana clue nini inaendelea kwa elections:D ni kivumbi tu…
Trump ni nongwe ata ameAnza kujiaibisha sasa:D


:D:D:D:Dnow prepare for the shitshow. MAGA tears

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Now it’s time for Senate to make DC and Puerto Rico into states. Time to bring all the promises of the last 4 years to bear.

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Stacy Abrams ndio “deep state” ?

Si uende ukamuulize, alaah

Desperation all over again. Hamkuchoka kulia November and the last 2 months. You want to revisit those tears?

This is the Republican running the elections in Georgia. Jifunze kusikiza professionals. Not career conman Orange man.