Democrats Are Going To Investigate Trump

[SIZE=7]Democrats Are Going To Investigate Trump’s Corruption And His Nativist Immigration Policies[/SIZE]

They’re also going to get his tax returns.

By Paul Blumenthal and Chris D’Angelo
11/07/2018 12:29 PM ET

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]This is a very long article talking about what the democrats have decided to do. You can Google it. I’m holding back until I see action.

  1. They got to be careful though. It can make trump run on the offensive to his base and mobilize his rednecks. Remember Democrats have two years to cause impact. Time is precious to make silly mistakes

  2. I would advice dems to go for things that are core to them like immigration, aca, climate change ,than waste too much looking for reasons to impeach the idiot. It will make him activate the first point I raised

  3. Go after Stephen Miller . That guy is a devil. I have no better words to characterize him. I would like to see him down. Subpoena him at all cost

  4. Protect Mueller at all costs, and use his findings to hold Trump culpable of crimes

They have most of #2 above covered. Let’s start there.

There are Republicans, Democrats and then there’s Donald Trump Supporters.

Trump will triumph over them!

Corporate Democrats Schumer & Pelosi will never want to risk their positition, that of getting more donations from corporate donors.