Democrat leaders in California are truly stable geniuses.

[SIZE=5]I was made understand that all these homeless people voted for Biden. Some were bribed with sandwiches and sodas to vote for Biden because they were too high to even know what they were doing. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In some way you will still hear rabid Democrat asskissers like @Simiyu22 and @Kennedy Maina finding ways to defend the democratic administration/leadership of this hell hole.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@slevyn and @Abba have said that democrats have the answer. Wacha tuone. @Mangele you guys have been hiding behind Trump and saying he is the problem sasa wacha tuskie excuses zenu. You can steal an election but you can’t hide this naked reality.[/SIZE]



Sema @captain obvious

Right now as I write this the most PRESSING issue to the Democratic leadership is not homelessness or even Covid 19 but IMPEACHING Trump for a second or is it a third time? :smiley:

We don’t know, we have lost count.

Right this minute there is a Democrat Congressman from California on the podium on live TV giving a passionate speech on how evil and vile Trump is. Yesterday on his way to work he drove past all these homeless people. Stable geniuses.

4 years ago this gentleman came up with a simple solution but the stable geniuses that govern California told him to fcuk off.

The stable geniuses with ivy league degrees then spent billions on “consultation” fees to build homes for the homeless but they built nothing.

Go clean your smelly ass Shoga mfirwa mkundu.

I will call @TrumanCapote. She is the expert for homelessness in LA county. But there’s home coming.
A president has only limited control over the economy. And yet there has been a stark pattern in the United States for nearly a century. The economy has grown significantly faster under Democratic presidents than Republican ones.

And please dont tell me about Bill Clinton. Him and Biden jailed millions of blacks but it was recorded that in fact these blacks had received employment. When you jail people off the streets you have not improved black lives, you have just hidden the problem in a closet somewhere snd not really solved it.

During Clinton era the streets were cleaned off drug dealers and homeless blacks from the crack pandemic of the 80s and early 90s and the citizens didn’t ask where they were being taken. Prisons became full of mentally ill people. To this day prisons are trying to release ageing prisoners who became mentally ill from crack cocaine in the 80s and 90s to apartments where they often end up dying from lack of proper care.

Reagan Laws effects.

If you research on Biden you will find that he was one of the authors of the 1986 crack cocaine bill which said that crack was worse than cocaine. Crack was used by blacks whereas cocaine was used by wealthy whites. Cocaine was treated as the “safe” product while crack was the very worst of the worst. A person caught holding a small amount of crack received a tougher sentence than a dealer with a bag of cocaine.

What happened is that thousands of black and latino drug abusers were caught with small amounts of crack especially women and sentenced to very lengthy terms and yet they were NOT criminals but sick patients in need of help.

You would find a woman being blamed for giving birth to a “crack” baby which today is fake diagnosis and she would be sent to jail for attempted murder of her child! Thanks to Biden

Some nurses used to be hired by the police to trap black women to admit to be crack addicts just so the state can take the baby and the mother can go to jail. Those conviction rates would then show the public that the cops are tough on crime. Many women never saw their kids again.

In 1994 Biden whose star in politics was rising got even more creative. Remember he is a lawyer. He drafted the tough on crimes bill. 3 strikes 25 years. Even if you are caught 3 times with very minute doses of crack. There were cases where women would be raped but after being assisted by the cops, it would be discovered they had priors. If the lady is caught with some bhangi or crack powder she ends up getting a bigger sentence than the guy who just raped her and her kids go to foster care. Again thanks to Biden and his friends.

:rolleyes:its not like trumps idiotic response to a pandemic caused millions of job losses… it’s always the black mans fault. Told you, your brain can only handle third grade problems kama nani ataosha vyombo za kalongolongo… stop trying to be smart

Are you here to make me angry? When do we start?

What I know is that both sides mean well for their country. Lakini the things they do for it do not always end up well. Unfortunately, the side whose ideas once implemented bring out worse results - for everybody - are the liberals.

For instance, in an effort to totally end discrimination for everybody, they end up thoroughly discriminating against baby girls.


The Great Satan has fallen

On the new glass ceiling for baby girls, perhaps the liberals can illustrate how their opponents created or maintained limitations for girls.

Its only fair to compare like with like, apples to apples.