Democrat baby killers score big win against Catholic church.

[SIZE=6]George Soros, Obama, Biden, Clintons score big victory in Argentina. Africa soon to follow. The great reset.[/SIZE]



the devils work, Demoncrats homobamas legacy secured

If you undo consequences then it loses its purpose

Let the holders of vaginas decide what to do with their genitalias. All women all over the world should hold a vote once and for all .

Sio mbaya. If you take to account the amount of spite and disrespect directed to single mothers even here, I would like to have a say over my future if I was a woman in case the partner decides to speed off with the speed of a cheetah into karura forest as they like to put it here:D

Inakaa umefurahi sana juu ya hii story. Next Democrat agenda is the banning of God and religion and religious festivals entirely e.g Christmas. That is critical to their ongoing agenda on globalism and “open” societies.

Nothing pisses off homosexuals and abo.rtionists like the Bible. You need to remove it from society first so you can practice both sins in peace. Like a real socialist. Apparently the socialist Fidel Castro legalised aborti.on in 1965 as a way to control population growth. Also so he could a different woman every night.

Hapo kwa religion nimeona wewe ni atheist damu kwa hio thread ya genetics.

6 days to go

It’s called personal freedoms… if god exists then why would he expect nuts like you to police other people’s behavior?

I’m a traditionalist. I believe that our ancestor’s religion was the true religion. Hizi zingine zilikuwa zimeletwa na wazungu. Case closed

@Purple @Kahuni Maisha isn’t it peculiar that Soros became a mbirrionea via capitalist in its raw-est , greediest form but today he is a hardcore socialist. Complete turnaround.

God abandons you to think you are very smart. Like you right now you think you are very wise. You think you are very educated and informed.

It happened with the Romans. They had knowledge, info and great wealth and thought they were the greatest philosophers and everyone else was an idiot barbarian. They even thought there would be no greater knowledge beyond what they already knew at that time.

The Roman empire the mightiest empire in history crumbled like soft dry mud. Even their mighty cities and great architecture were destroyed together with all their so called “wisdom and knowledge”.

It is happening now with Liberals calling evangelicals idiots, hillbillies who believe in imaginary creatures. Rednecks.

When you get to that point where you think you are so smart, so enlightened and you want to take on God himself alas begins the demise of your mighty empire. You start believing that you took yourself to those lofty heights, and that it’s not God who did that.

You start passing laws like these ones to annoy God. Saa hio mnajiona you are very wise and capable. He is watching.

It happened even to Solomon the wisest and richest of all men. He started believing he was self made and even worshipped the gods of his many wives. His empire was split and his vast wealth hidden forever from human eyes.

Or who do you think hid all that gold? And it was a lot of gold. Where did it all go?

What of all the gold looted by Rome? Where did it go?

Today the gold is knowledge. Data. Information age. I have heard young guys here thinking they are so smart, so enlightened and God is for idiots.

Wewe mama kanisa tulia utombwe

Mluhya wacha kutroll.