Demio Zina mashida

Someone can attach the video here…imenishinda

I have argued here that age limit should be removed. our road conditions are different than those of developed countries. A car driven for 7 years abroad is still new by kenyan conditions.
A car bought at dt dobie brand new and driven for two years in kenya is worse than a 7 year old car in developed countries.
these under 1500 cc being brought to kenya have a lifespan of 3 years here. you cannot drive a mazda demio for more than 5 years.
In 10 years you will have to change your vehicle 10 times.
If you buy a 20 year old landcruiser 80 series today you will drive it for the next 20 years, na bado itakuwa sawa.
A 2001 bus from japan is more safer than a new bus fabricated in kenya. and cheaper. we cannot develope if we continue relying on Chris Kirubis Isuzu to move our workers and farm produce to the market.
We need cheaper and safer buses, lorries, pickups. when a whole country has to choose between kirubis isuzu and jeremy aworis hino, no other option, tunaweza develop kweli? Bei ya transport itabaki juu.
suzuki alto costs nearly a million, kuna value for money hapo? vw polo assembled in kenya costs nearly 2m, na uhuru akiweka sheria zake io ndo ikatua cheapest car in kenya

I find that kyuk tweng shrub thing quite hilarious ! for all those fellow shiny eye who have an uncle in the US know what i’m talking about . As for the Mazda it’s as stated torque sensor failure

If munya was to get his way hutu to demio tutat uzwa 1.6m

Ankle ameland

:D:D:D hio ni ya wamama. That’s why it’s behaving like a vibrator.

:D:D:D:D…Ata unisikumbushe . @patco done had enough of people correcting him.


Ferk engrich :D:D:D

In the words of the Kenyan residing in Germany, ‘that can never be me!’

Huyo ni @Kennedy Maina . Man from Muguga massive. Representing Muguga hommies.

Sasa leta ya nattydread aki represent pale Norway na Tshirt ya Lucky Dube. Nattydread rasta from Gachie Kenya.

Nattydred relocated to Kenya in 2015; Tried farming ngúkú & failed miserably.

Now he move around lamenting how Biachara is hard in Kenya.

:D:D:D I believe your story 101%.

Ndio maana anatoa stress na Trump. Reminds him of the white devil he left behind in Norway.

Nattydread anakaa mjamaa akikupata hapo local bar pale Gachie halafu umnunulie Guiness baridi na supermatch mbili… ataketi hapo akupatie political analysis for three good hours.

Vile world economy na Trump wame affect kuku zake.

The correlation between Gathecha , the SGR, poultry farming in Norway, poultry farming in Gachie and Trump’s China tariffs…

@LIEN = @uwesmake

Good thing you are nowhere near leadership. You think by repeating this lie 100 times will become a truth? All those cars on the road with number plates Kb…something are over five years old in Kenya. Also, where is this Kenya you claim has no roads? Are you stuck in the nineties? Ama unataka serikali ikujengee barabara hadi kwa choo?

There is some truth in that, but I think its not mainly the roads that play a big role its the maintenance and the conditions locally, ukipeleka gari car wash sijui wanaosha na nini, the paint work starts to fade, add the dust, the roadside mechanics and the general lack of car inspection and a car in kenya will deteriorate way faster.

Lakini also dont look at kenya as being only nairobi, bado barabara especially in rural kenya dont exist, you exit the few major highways and you will be lucky if your car handles those roads conditions, we are still a long way to go when it comes to properly connecting the country through a decent road network.

Problem with Kenya is when Kibaki came in, he made the economy thrive. People bought and sold cars faster than the infrastructure could increase.

This is a corrective measure. Tayari there’s a decline in cars being bought due to Konyagi’s poor economic gambles. If you leave it open like Ug next door, Kenyan roads will be permanently locked. And that would even be worse if the economy was at least standing.

UPUSS!!! Differentiate maintenance and repair s and you will have a good car, drive sensibly, avoid giving your car out to buddies and don’t use the car when drunk ,ati gari inajua nyumbani.

this is true. a well maintained 2001 car from japan is better than a 2015 brand new kenyan car. I dont know what happens to cars here.

Barabara mbovu na dust.