Dell Inspiron 15 3567

i3 7th gen
4gb ram 1tb hdd

Decent device with some decent specs. Good laptop for personal use. Been using it for the 3rd day today and its fucking awesome.

Thanks sana for the recommendation wakubwa.

Watu wa HP nyonyeni mboro ya @under23

Kama sio dell Precision hatutambui. hapana tambua latitude na inspiron.

How possible can i3 be awesome

Weka mbisha

Am not a heavy user so its okay.

I previously owned a HP pavilion 6th gen running on AMD A10 processor and the experience was very terrible

AMD ni kama mediachieth. Bure kabisa.

i3…holy shiit
Hii by next year itakuwa kama gameboy

I find AMD processors stable. Ama niliangukia? Have had a HP DV6000 machine with AMD since 2007 and still as good as new. Came with Vista, upgraded to windows 7 and 8Gb ram na iko sawa tuu. Only problem is getting a reliable battery. Chinku batts zinanifilisisha. Run pretty heavy softwares on it kina POWERBI, Office 2016, Visual Studio, Netbeans, Java SDK, HeidiSQL, My SQL, Kaspersky na zinginezo na iko tuu sawa.

we have 6 months to next year. relax its still long

i havent touched netbeans in years!! is it still build-ui-via-drag-n-drop?

Nope. We initially call the objects via code.

Hiyo yako no special ama inadai RAM kubwa Kama hiyo yako.

HP DV6000 was my first laptop. Mine was the Intel Core 2 Duo version, it died in 2012 (IC kuchomeka).

Dv6000 was nice piece of innovation.

Usiongee vibaya kuhusu latitude

latitude ni computer poa lakini. those from a few years back were top quality.

How do you do with 4GB RAM? 8GB yangu naona haileti shangwe nataka ku upgrade ikue 16GB

I am not a heavy user. I use basic applications only. Word, Chrome to browse. Listen to music watch movies etc

With thayt 4GB is enough. I had a Toshiba Laptop that ran on intel celeron and 2GB ram it never hanged. So hii haiwezi nihangia.

Najua ukiweka SSD hauta lala

I had an inspiron 14 that was lightweight and had a 7 hours battery but the thing literally broke apart within two years. I had sworn never to touch dell again but then i discovered xps 13. Apart from looking at specs sheet battery is very important to me.