@Deorro where did @DeliciousShiko go, did he reincarnate to @GeorginaMakena
I see they both joined the village on the same date.

@Uwesmakeress , @uwesmake and the lovely youngin @UwesmakeJnr how is your Christmas vacation so far, please give us your lokeshen , @Kihii Kiaganu is willing to deliver to you his mouth watering and energy boosting foods to enable you reach the village threshold.

am listening to Spinnin Record’s year mix… so far I like the tracks Oliver Heldens released

DisjointedShiko left together with her rottweiler called @Kimmy

@Desoto = @UwesmakeJnr .

Where is @uwesmakende


mkisii ngombe niaje

Pls can folk stop denigrating Shiko’s handle anymore? she was hounded out of the forum by Fala12 and his cahoots. He Nugu tried it on me…weeeeeeee heeeeeee tinieee.

sweetheart si unajua mtu akikuchokoza namuuwa

Yeah but Shiku did not deserve what was meted to her. I saw it coming but I was in Brussels and could not log in to tell her ’ remove that bloody pik girl’ now what annoys me is the same men and women are here looking for her…almost each week.

but i found her legs soooooo sexyyyyy

She was abused by that Falaidiot and others like Mturandom. Shiko is a vvv pretty young girl…it took me somewhere where I had to speak bad Kikuyu language to that Fala Dog.

@Miss Finest Wine what did @Fala 12 to @DeliciousShiko I have no idea brief me. She was the young version of @GeorginaMakena,

Seriously no one took screenshots of the said picture? I wanna know what the hullabaloo was about.

Don’t worry. Very soon, @uwesmake will post it in a random comment. It’s happened to all of us who’ve posted any pics on ktalk. Blue handles too.

I guess she wasn’t prepared for the Internet yet.

Kwerra kabisa!

It was a megathread. Almost 17 pages of pure comedy - depending on which side of the divide you are in. Talk to our resident archivist.

:D:D:D I live for those threads littered with feelings.

Kwani she could not block? Block people! Mtu akisema ngwe! BLOCKED!!! Shikodelish mami shoka moshie. Hawa mafala wasikuletee. @uwesmake is here as our women rep to defend all girls,women and females of all shapes and sizes. Hebu come back with the New Year and register with Uwes sacco for personalised security! Hakuna mtu atakugusa if you’re a constituent of Women Rep wa Ktalk Hon.Dr.Uwesimakethisup. How can a dim fala,make a woman/girl leave a forum? Come back my sister but mambo ya mkia uwache please for the sake of adult diapers!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D the irony of it all is that he reposts that pic more than anyone else does. I know you’re just trolling, but you’ve got to stop because the naive actually believe this whole narrative you’re pushing of Ogwes as a “good guy”.