I am an admin of a project-based whatsapp group. The group members are heads of institutions involved in the project, from Nairobi and its environs. Other members include officials from the donor and coordinators from HQs.

Last evening one member forwarded a porn clip, then, as expected akakemewa na kutolewa kwa group. Please help me out here; how can I delete the video such that it won’t be visible by other members of the group?

Wacha watu waenjoy…consider it teambuilding

Always wondered in such groups consisting of professional colleagues, can you send a meme or it’s purely 100% business na hakuna cha kucheka

Tunajua wewe ndio uliweka so stop talking of a “member”. Wacha nitafika mukuru kwa Frisk joini nitafute iyo clip.
ION why do people send such clips on whatsapp? This is one thing I don’t just get.

A one minute span and the video got several copies amongst the participants…Let the pornstar get famous for once.

Hehe… Nakumbuka kasichana kalirusha moja kali sana kwa extended family group. Akakemewa akarusha ingine kali zaidi. Akapewa heshima yake akachujwa.

Its no use deleting it. Haisaidii chochote labda tu utoe kwa simu yako.

Thanks to Telegram.


Latest Gbwhatsapp iko na option ya recall… but only the poster can recall it.


team building sio…

Delete everyone from the group and create another one. Waambie kulikukwa na shida kidogo kwa simu yako.

project based na mnaunda Whatsapp group, wakenya walirogwa na whatsapp groups.

Mambo ya Kazi si mtumie Slack or simmilar alternatives.

WhatsApp is free and convenient.

who said others are paid?

assuming your phone got stolen today or you accidentally dropped it in water will you be able to view previous group chats?


Hiyo slack unemention ni ngumu kutumia for many people na ukifikisha sijui 4 ama 5 gb unaanza kulipishwa.

People are lazy and resist change. Si kurogwa, it’s human nature.

Also, nobody gives a fuck about lost data until it’s lost.

Depends with the group, some have the members who keep posting annoying forwards but others it’s strictly business.

Niliwachana na x videos vile niliwacha kutumia infinix. And even then nilikua nazificha kwa vault.

To each to their own

I’ve heard about Slack from you. Never heard about it before

at your workplace you use WhatsApp?

I once accidentally posted some nude pics za dem flani kwa group ya daro and imgn huyo mzoga tulikua class moja… It went out shitty on both of us… Kusafisha macho huwa nafanya once pekee ikiwa live story na nude pics hapana tambua unless hapa ktalk