Deleting a k-talk account

@admin is it possible for one to delete their account permanently? I can’t seem to find that option anywhere

Tukana admin matusi serious… Hio ndio shortcut.

:):):):):)…I want to leave in peace. Manze these new smileys are shit.

Lame ass excuse to kick in request for the old ktalk forum…

Apologies, but you are a cunt

Not really man, I just want to do other shit and minimize my online time. I am also planning to close my facebook and twitter accounts. Plus I thought this is the best time to quit with the new changes.

Its never an loss spending sometime online

I tend to overdo it sometimes and then there’s the small issue of kusafisha macho here that leads to watching ngwati.

Thinking of the same now that am not looking forward to ktalk anymore.I already managed to quit fb.Perhaps this is where I can make an easy exit out this platform
Admins should be considerate, see the likes of @pamba,@Abba those oldies have not posted anything since the upgrade coz they are not able to manouvre through these dungeons

Fb is very easy to quit. That place is full of retards

I’ve been trying but I feel a bit attached but I have to do it.


The option to delete should be easily available to all. I’m sure @admin @Deorro @Mundu Mulosi @Electronics4u have disabled it below a certain user level.

Ideally it should be there.

I agree retards who can make someone wiser too

Nilitoka fb 2013 na I dont miss it. Na @Siko_Twitter

ukipata useme

Nigga just FACTORY RESET your phone. Later uninstall your custom phone browser.

Yaani you still watch porn…hehehe

Just walk away, stop logging in and posting and that’s it.
Kawambui and unicorn were here and left.
And many others.

Those two had their accounts deleted.

Cheza chini brathe, kumbafu