Delete these android apps

was always keen on knowing which malicious apps i have, but stopped after realizing that almost all apps (even those from “trusted sources”) all do the same job- Harvest information from the devices.
so i stopped worrying and decided ill enjoy the device with the best apps i can find.

the moment you synchronize your phone with google, before installing any app, you are exposed. with or without setting access permissions.

Most guys allow their emails to sync with their contacts, calendar, people details, calendar tasks, drive etc and still think denying access to permission on some apps makes their details"safe". The biggest mistake on the modern world is owning a smartphone.

Google is the biggest “spy”…

Kwani wewe ni Osama ama unaficha 2gb of gaey porn kama @Deepwater ?

This video is for idiots. It is sponsored by an Android competitor or enemy.

Android is a Google phone. You need its pre-installed apps to maximize its operation.
I use Google Drive to keep Cloud Storage.
Create your own phone if you need privacy. Like who are you to hide your location?

Legends In their own Minds!

Pigwa kende na @T.Vercetti utulie… Morning glory iweze

@uwesmake acha kusumbua.

Handles mingi ni za nini?

The first thing I do after buying a phone is to root it.

Then I remove the google bloatware only.

Only then can I start installing and using my preferred apps.

There is little or nothing to spy on ur androids You peasants, unless you are a watched activist or a terrorist, normal mfanyi biashara has nothing to care about android afterall kra can’t spy your fon but mpesa wen squeezed properly can sell you out.
Nobody cares about your geyy ponor ur spouse nudes. Nobody


You are right not everyone is worried about spying. For me I remove them because I can! Try something new, push boundaries.

That’s the spirit!

I used to think the same way but then I realized that’s not the point. Data is not just your MPesa PIN and KTalk password and text messages. It’s also your likes and preferences, your personal beliefs, your hobbies, your favourite foods and music and TV shows. Somewhere out there people are harvesting that data and making a fortune off of it by selling it to companies who then market their products and services to you, the consumer. So you’re paying twice by giving away that information for free and then purchasing the product/service. Does that sound fine to you? Your entire personality sitting on a server somewhere in a building?

I buy what I buy because have seen it’s value addition in my life and operations,even if they keep my true profile spending my hard earned cash I analyse utility to the finest detail. Infact I Don buy what my heart desires but what my mind sees fit. Even ho’s I pay when my balls are almost busting