Defectors fund manenos au nini...?

Ni swali tu, ju ya Dktr ilikuwa inaenda kwa paybill…


In defence of Sonko Treasury has not released money to counties yet, but might release some, hopefully next week, to atleast cover salaries

And why are the other counties not asking for funding from treasury ama hizo county hamna kazi inaendelea?

Some even threatened to go to court.

Haven’t you heard Nanok complaining, I heard the idea of not sending the funds earlier is to deter Nasa governors from funding Raila’s campaigns. Funds maybe sent after elections maybe

That’s futile, the government has so many debts running in billions for services rendered and goods supplied by private companies with some of the debts outstanding for years.

How many counties have to deal with what Nairobi has to?

Come on, how many counties collect revenue on the same scale as Nairobi not to mention substantial of operations that are capital intensive in Nairobi is still in the hands of the National Government.

What kind of time lag do you think there is between revenue collection and expenses? Given the riots that’ve been taking place, we’re not talking about maintaining revenue generating assets but replacing destroyed assets.

Anyway it’s just speculation on my part.

True, even Meru County has been having problems paying salaries and funding activities

The main reason 100%, hawataki pesa iende campaign. Ata CDF hakuna.

Even jubilee counties have not been funded by treasury. They are also complaining

Weps ushaeka VPN kwa simu 26th wakizima Kenyatalk uko sorted.

Lazima kujipanga my fren…

First that headline is misinformation and malice.

Gov Sonko NCC has been collecting on average 30 million a day. The only difference is that they are following the law and not using at source but banking it at NCC accounts as stipulated by law. All revenue banked is utilized after county assembly and comptroller of Budget approves it. Under kidero all funds collected was used immediately at source and it made it hard to know how much was collected and what it was spent on since those officials didn’t avail the documents. What’s Gov. Sonko realized is that he made a mistake being the good guy and keeping the previous administration team at county treasury office. While they collect a lot of funds and deposit at the account, the team deliberately stopped working. They didn’t write to request comptroller of budget and county assembly to authorize its monthly devolved funds allocation from National Treasury and operating expenses from county funds. Its only after payroll slips delayed again that Gov Sonko followed up on the matter. On meeting the comptroller of budget to find out what’s the delay, he was told Nairobi hasn’t requested for any? He is currently reorganizing that office and if I was him just reorganize the whole county government. They are mad for blocking the theft of county funds.

Walikuwa wamezoea kujichotea zao as they fed Kidero’s great thievery machine*. All will haveti be replaced.

*Sadly, a lot was wasted on JaKuon’s adventures. Joho is still doing that trick of divertinf 001 funds to JaKuin.


First, I wish to pass my sincere apologies to the entire staff of Nairobi City County over delayed payment of September salaries. This is highly regrettable; nevertheless it is being addressed with the urgency it deserves.
However, it is unfortunate that the delay has been occasioned by sabotage in the Finance Department led by the outgoing Executive Committee Member in charge of Finance who deliberately refused to make a formal request to the Controller of Budget to release funds on time.
The Law is clear that all revenue generated and banked in commercial banks must first be swept and deposited at the Central Bank Revenue Fund and that upon depositing; no monies can be withdrawn from a Revenue Fund unless the Controller of Budget has approved such withdrawals. On the other hand, Article 207 of the Constitution prohibits spending of revenue collected at source.
I personally intervened and had a lengthy discussion with the Controller of Budget Mrs. Agnes Odhiambo over the matter and was shocked to learn that my finance department had not requested for release of funds despite my many requests to them.
To address this unfortunate occurrence, I have reached a decision to reorganize the Finance Department and soon heads will roll. It has further come to my attention that the matter is a fight back plot by a cartel from Finance, Legal, Rates and Revenue Departments who upon leaving office vowed to paralyze operations at City Hall.
I shall not be intimidated by any one/ cartel and no amount of threats shall make me give roadside executive orders against the constitution to please a few individuals.
It is therefore my sincere hope that the Nairobi City County staff will bear with us during this difficult period as we await approval from the Controller of Budget. Efforts are being made to ensure such delays do not re-occur in the future.

H.E Mike Mbuvi Sonko,
Governor, Nairobi City County

I have a cousin who worked under Kidero, the guy used to spend at least 30k a day and yet his net Salary is around 80 K a month, Sonko has messed them up a big time.

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: that’s 900000 a month tax free.

Well I know someone similar at NCC. Saa hii he is not a happy man. I hope alijipanga. Downgrading will be hard:rolleyes:

Pesa ilikuwa ya Malaya Na Pombe. He has to downgrade, a good thing is that he lives in his own house. But the withdrawal symptoms are there, didn’t know one could get addicted to money.