Huyu jamaa ako na point
In wake of # GarissaAttack civilians must change
their attitude
When dealing with robbery… the rule is to
cooperate and chances are you’ll leave out of
the situation alive though having lost your
so in a robbery situation lifting your hands up
and begging for mercy might work
with Terrorism its different!
there is no amount of begging, pleading, or
bribing that will convince the attacker to let you
The attacker is there to massacre, and not just
you but en-mass with as much casualties and
lives lost as possible.
A thief is stealing to better his life alive, so the
thief is not ready to die or go to jail. On the
other hand a terrorist is ready to die and has
come for the mission prepared to lay their life.
147 lives lost at Garissa University by the hand
of only 4 gunmen
The picture I have in mind is: the university has
many rooms from lecture halls, to hostels, to
dining hall and so on.
given it was early in the morning, this means
most of the students were in their cubicles…
Imagine being in the 10th cubicle and you hear
screams in cubicle 1, shootings and your fellow
comrades lose their lives, then the gun man
goes to cubicle 2, 3, 4, 5…
Isn’t there any defense mechanism the persons
in cubicle 6,7,8,9, 10 could have used to at
least take down one of the gun men?
Even by using crude weapons like hot iron box,
a stove, a burner, hot water… such that when
the gun mans storms in on the latter cubicle(s)
they can indiscriminately attack the gun man,
some may lose their life… some may survive.
Choosing how to die…
When a terrorist attacks with a gun you can
choose to die fleeing to nowhere in a four
walled room or you can choose to use whatever
crude method to stop the gun man… whether it
involves hugging him, throwing water at him,
running towards him, knocking him down… or
whatever… when your attacker has a gun…
distance is your enemy… the closer you get to a
person with a long range shooting gun… the less
useful his weapon is…
its the high time we wake up and raise the little
"jack bauer " within us and as such, we can
choose to die fighting or we can flee to nowhere
and still get shot anyway with seven bullets
lodged on our back.
When caught in a terrorist situation: it’s not
time to beg the maggots for mercy. It’s time to
attack them and do whatever it takes to stop
Lets start telling a different story, as of now the
terrorist only threat is the state security… but if
the civilians are equally a threat… the terrorists
will think twice before they attack.


Let me ask u wewe ushawai skia mlio wa bunduki ama ushawai amushwa na mlio wa bunduki. This was a surprise attack banaa, hakuna time ya kufikiria the above mtu wangu. Wewe unaskia wengine walifikiria hao terrorists ni makarao coz walikuwa na military uniform. Manze ambia huyo beshte wako awache ma movie mob jo, The only thing that could save one in such a scenario is to run and run and not look back or hide some where discreet…mambo ya Urambo wachia akina Sylvester Stallone


That easy if in a movie.
What do you think goes through someone thinking process when he/she hears the sound of a gun and screams from others mind you this person has never been close to a gun range or something close to that most people will actually look for a way out or just freeze.

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Kenyans have watched too much series and movies to cloud their judgment.blaming the students for not pulling a jack bauer is not only illogical but very stupid.when you hear screams n gun shots there is no time to think and plan how to counter but run some even can go into shock and collapse.hii maneno ya movies haiwes work.what happened to them was unfortunate blame should be on the ones who received the intel and failed to act.

It is sonko who posted that in fb. That is not possible in real life, wengi wakiskia mlio wa risasi first reaction is either to flee or hide, only a man will balls of steel would confront a psycho who has an automatic rifle with a crude weapon

Thats the point, afadhali ni pigwe risasi ya mgongo nikikimbia from the terrorists kuliko risasi ya kichwa kama nimelala chini.

Thats the point, afadhali ni pigwe risasi ya mgongo nikikimbia from the terrorists kuliko risasi ya kichwa kama nimelala chini.

When andrelanin kicks in, first reaction is run nigger run. Kaguru ndethia… Jack bauer ni hekaya its just nature. Ask urself

When fire breaks out, u run rather than going for the extinguisher

Leo umeongea kama wazee kumi, peo ile unapeagwa naja kulipa

KDF took 9hours while[B][I] recce[/I][/B] [B][I]squad[/I][/B] too only less than 10mins to cut off the business

Kumbe wewe ni beste ya sonko.

I wonder whether they will release a detailed report of how the terrorists were able to get so many victims. I’m assuming they were in different rooms. When bullets start to fly you don’t run, you barricade yourself in a room unless you know where the gun man is.

@pamba thought we learnt a lesson sku ya west-gate? same thing happened kdf took days …

Jack Bauer Kenya???

The threat is within
One of #AlShabaab gunmen behind #GarissaAttack was Abdirahim Abdulahi Nairobi Uni law graduate

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Yes I’ve seen civilians disarm two guys one with a pistol the other with a AK47 and gave them a proper Lynching… they were Mjengo /construction workers guys and the the thugs wanted to make away with their weekly wages… But I doubt guys in ktalk or soft soft people can dare pull the stunt.also you are privy to the news, mostly in the slums it often happens belive that… It takes balls of steel but yes it can be done

The best strategy now seems to be this one;
[li]Find a dead body or some blood[/li][li]Smear yourself with as much blood as you can[/li][li]Play dead…lie beside or under th body and dont make a sound…[/li][/ul]

Is the wariah related to hussein Muhammad of cord TV?

That’s the word right there!

Depends if the number of gunmen is known and you can actually see them…but hapa ni milio ya risasi tu na hujui nani ndiye nani ama waliko. Kama wale wasee wa quarry Mandera pia walishindwa, jiulize mbona…