Deep State Ssn 2

Deep state ssn2 e4 52:59 wametumia scene ya Kenyan PEV. Streets scene of Shithole countries are all similar. Couldn’t expect Bamako could look like Nairobi. If you zoom Ull See Safaricom And Panadol extra ads. [ATTACH=full]248834[/ATTACH]

Unasema nini nguruba?

forgive him, he is in the generation that does not distinguish fiction from reality…movies are real.

He’s not communicating at all.

They don’t.

the gentleman is okay, this jungus must be factual to the context, dont use our images to represent another african country, period, imagine watumie KICC then hapo mbele ina andikwa Entebe Uganda, FACTS even if its a movie, it needs to be kept real

mtadu?24legacy walitumia clips za westgate mkazusha mkachoka…still airs

My point Exactly!

Vile @Colombo-Combolo Amesema.

there is nothing to do, but we have to point out, when potraying something or working on a theme, you need to get your facts straight,“to avoid irrelevance” imagine portraying the luo culture through a play with the backdrop of mount kenya

According to jungus all Africans are herders, why put an effort staging a scene of violence while real ones are in plenty and according to then a shithole is the same as the other no meaningful landmarks to distinguish them.

Mimi swali yangu ni moja tu. How tall is your tv boss na kwanini imekonda hivo…

Msee nikama ameweka tv sideway down:D
Aspect ratio nayo is all facked:D

The Whole pic including the vase is on the screen. Its a scene of the actors watching the news. My 50" Samsung Iko that clear.