Deep state is justified in rigging out Lootal

The chief hustler appears unbeatable especially in mt Kenya. His demagoguery is spreading like bush fire. The other day, I was almost lynched at a local in limuru for arguing against his case and my grandpa hit me with a mukuanjo. I feel the only way left is to rig him out. I trust baba and his brother to do the job perfectly.

If everything uhuru touches fails, how will his rigging succeed.

What are the chances of Kamba Nation voting the Hustler ? If RAO manages to maintain his traditional voting block, He will need less than 40% of Mt. Kenya votes. On the other side, WSR needs Mt. Kenya region to vote for him to a man, which is impossible.

If RAO manages to maintain his traditional voting block
He has to court akina Kalonzo, Mudavadi again whom he has disrespected. Coast is an open ground as per now

All we want is baba to solidify his vote block yote , central tumpee hio 40% aende direct .

nyinyi panya mna haki ya kusema paka iwekwe kengele, hatukatai, lakini, ni panya yupi ataweka Arror kengele?

Baba amesukumwa na Uhuru apandishwe mlima, imeshindikana, sasa huyo ataprotect aje mali ya Mama Ngina bila goodwill ya wananchi?

Mtu hawezi convince watu 50% + mtu mmoja wampigie kura ndiye mnafikiria atawezana na Somalia na Museveni na World Bank na Xi Jinping?

However much a dog is kicked…it can still be kicked again.

:D:D:D:D:D… sugoi man is the deep state man ,he understands how it works having been a senior member for 30 years,hii “persecution” is a well choreographed plot to have him elected as an " underdog" and “huslar” who can " help" the masses , simply a brilliant tactic.

I think this could be the plan after all. Efforts to humiliate him have actually worked well for his campaign.

If baba is rigged in there won’t be any country to rule

How now? Rao has totally lost the North Eastern vote, Coast is open season and he can only get Ukambani after pleading well with Kalonzo

Maybe maybe not.

I think this will happen, no doubt about it.

All these “hustlers” and non of them turn up to vote, Rao will maintain a good chunk of his traditional strongholds, some rigging, I am in no doubt who Pork#5 is.

It’s free for all in Ukambani

Raila is running out of steam, he is incoherent and tired. His speeches offer no inspiration at all, he keeps making roadside declarations that are not only sustainable but an insult to the intelligence of common man. He also surrounds himself with low IQ people like Junet whose utterances is a true reflections of who Raila is. He will fail flat epsecially now that a narrative has been coined that he is a project of the state

They couldn’t beat baba in 13 and 17 when they were united, what make you think ruto can do it alone?
Since he has the deep state backing this time, baba just need to make sure joho, kalonzo and mudavadi wako kwa camp yake. Ruto will be extremely lucky if he gets 30%…even Mt Kenya is slipping away from him. From 98% in 2017 to 58% now. Ruto is unpopular in north eastern, the only reason jubilee was able to get something in mandera was because of uhuru. Coast has always been baba territory. Ukambani majority will support the candidate kalonzo endorse. Even without mudavadi and wetangula, baba will at least get 50% of luhya votes.

That is true… But we are still doomed even after baba wins… he has some crazed followers… But even then, Baba is a better devil than Ruto… It will be extremely hard for Ruto to beat Baba… But he will beat Baba in Central and Kalenjin Rift… I have also talked to my people in Kiambu and they can beat you up for saying negative things about WSR.

I want UDA to have the National Assembly with Raila as president. It’ll be the best ran country in Africa.

Unajiconsole na hii upus yenye Itumbi huwa anawadanganya. RAO is catching steam not running out of it. Jane Kihara, Oscar Sudi, Rigathi Gachagua all spew nonsense and are lower IQ fools too.

Keep dreaming.