Deep state invades Baringo County Assembly


Tear Gas Lobbied.

Very sad, very unfortunate, very criminal and very stupid President Uhuru Kenyatta. kibichoo na matiangi the tools overworking to sink this government further. This is why all the blessings has left him and his government. Then he wonders why he is very unpopular. Bure kabisa.

[MEDIA=twitter]1359906072652374019[/MEDIA] wamekula fare na hawapitishi BBI :D:D

No to homeguards! No to bbi!

BBI ni ya wajaluo kama @Jimit na @Agwambo

Kijiji knows am against BBI.

county za luo nyanza zimepitisha hiyo kitu bila huruma

Uhuru is a child of KANU much like Ruto.

Time this generation learned how thuggish they can be.


Kartel wars

Hii BBI ni diversion tu. Know that the very moment someone has you locked in and focused on one thing, they are doing something else that’s more important somewhere else. This is like the time we were paying attention to Arturs while the ‘confiscated’ cocaine haul was being sneaked out of the country.

The government is becoming more stupid

Indeed, the gods make a man mad before destroying him

Centro tutaingonja kwa hamu.
Dynasty watasangaa.

Baringo has set precedent

Ngojeni other counties it will follow same script. These are brave men and women.

Lets address the elephant in the room… No pun intended. That county Assembly looks like a boarding school dining hall.

Bibiyai chieth must fall.

Sasa hio ni kondoo gani inapiga nduru kama inachinjwa?

To think of how you used to choke us daily with 10plus Simba1 posts, sijui Galana Kulalu…Ooh Dongo Kundu… enyewe nothing is permanent

So sad state of government headed by someone who doesn’t care of human life, yesterday at matuu town d materials were arresting people for not wearing masks especially if they are sitting talking,masks and even we doubt the existence of corona. This country is fucked up. To hell with U. K and his lap dog. I think from moi rule he only ruined political activists lives not common man. Ruto even though a hypocrite I think he is better option than spoiled brat Gedion moi or those other fuckers following kamwana for his "blessing "yet he has all our curse