Deconstruction, can we do this in future?

Are we ready to make big calls and deconstruct some of the structures we have then design new cities. I think things like BRT, trams, na underground railways will need serious structural changes. Swali ni, tuko ready kweli. Check US story.

“A great civilization is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within.” Will Durant

Hapa ni Düsseldorf, elder anangoja train ya lami.

why have underground road in Nairobi? unapitia underground ukienda wapi? City zengine wako na reason kwa nini wanapita underground, na nyinyi hamna.

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We actually do. If we are to have a fast-speed rail network with stops in the CBD (like most cities - I’m using NYC as my point of reference), then we would either have to bring down existing buildings or have underground tunnels to those stops. The latter is much easier in my opinion. We absolutely need a subway system. It’s the only way people can live in Nyeri and work in Nairobi (commute ya 20-30 minutes with stops along the way at places like Murang’a, Thika, Juja, Ruiru, Githurai, Kasarani all the way to the CBD). You can live in Namanga and still make it to work in Westlands. This would be a game changer but matatu cartels don’t want this to get done.

Real estate developers would see dust because nobody would ever want to live in Kilimani and pay those rents. You could live in Limuru and make it to Westlands to party in like 5 minutes. Unfortunately, Kenyan politicians would rather enrich themselves with their matatu fleets and bogus road projects ndio wakulie hapo than do what’s good for the people. Mwafrika ni makende ya mbwa.


We already have a very costly railway we are paying off with our skins and we still take longer than buses to reach mombasa.

hakuna kitu kama 20 minutes to nyeri from Nairobi.

Kuna modern train kutoka Nairobi hadi rongai na ngong hadi syokimau. inachukua muda gani?

projects zinakuwa pushed na foreigners zitawacost sana, bila manufaa yyote.

That’s not relevant. If you send a kid to buy you an iPhone Alafu akuletee Chinese knockoff haimaanishi ati an original iPhone won’t function properly sababu your fake phone dies every minute.


then from experience tunajua ingawaje tunahitaji iPhone, pesa yetu itatumika kununua kitu fake.

heri tuache io maneno ya iPhone, tuache kuharibu pesa

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Do you know of any subway system that covers 151km (Nyeri to Nairobi) in 20 minutes? Realistically, a high-speed railway will cover 151km in 1hour if it is travelling non-stop.

Relax. Ni analogy tu

Maybe bado hatujakuwa na pressing needs. Necessity will push us……but naona uvivu.

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Those old buildings had reached their service life already and were ripe for demolition. The building in Nairobi are money laundering operations that will never be profitable in 100 years. Tearing them down is out of the question as they were built by idiots to hide stupid money.

So no, Nairobi will just be full of useless ghost buildings no one can use except for storing waru to take to gikomba


Tembea kiasi upate analogy ya maana.

Express way, Iko juu ya barabara zingine Ina flood but unaona the best thing is to go underground. Sewage piping is not properly done na bado unataka tuende underground.

Can it be done, short answer is yes.

Will we do it. Probably not in the next 50 years.

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NOT In A Bonobo Governed country such as Kenya.

People would drown in those tunnels during the rainy season. Bonobo cannot manage shit




Mimi ata kitu naogopa ni kupigwa nyongolo kwa izo chuom za underground

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