Declaration Ceremony #Elections2017

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Hehehheh the broken robot

hata mimi ningepewa hio 1 billion @chebukatineza alipewa siwes wacha . mbaya mbaya

Evidence iko wapi anko?

Money talks, and bullshit walks.

I think Chirobber ndio alikula pesa. Confused Chebukatineza alibaki akiregarega.

Gado is savage



Gado huwa anatackle haka kaserikali design ingine deadly mbaya

No one ate anything. It’s a story because one side is butt hurt and they know that Kenyans never verify issues. Once it’s said, it is believed; regardless of whether it is a lie.

This is too much, hata macho moja ya Chebukati imeng’oka.

Send us Chiloba’s bank statements to prove your point.

you prove yours since you said he ate. don’t shift the burden of proof. you accuse, you prove.

I thought you had some solid facts to back up your position on Chiloba’s innocence, kumbe you are just sharing your thoughts.

i thought you had as well. but here we are…

Let’s then agree to disagree.


Ushawahi ona vile yeye huchora Kalonzo?