Decisions decisions decisions

As you all know am in the financial sector at a very senior level and were it not for tribal chieth i would be dining with Queen Elizabeth . so some few months back i was in UTRECHT for a work related convention and it was nice . while there i networked and from my presentation i made some good friends . now today i received a mail from one bigwig in a financial institution based in Eindhoven that they are offering me a position for a 5 year contract but i have to relocate to Netherlands . wadau munaonaje , leaving Kenya with a young Family naona ni tricky but nimeamua niongee na wadau wote including KTALKers (sponsors only priss ) . am breaking the news to my sweet Okuyu wife on Sunday after hangover . the package is not bad .

unaenda na mama clichy ??if not nitakuchungia lakini watoto sitasomesha.kazi yangu ni kukamua tu

mkamba nimesema young family , lazima niende na bibi musiniibie banaa

ungetuachia hio shinny eyed alafu uende huko utafute muthungu.

hapana am a faithful husband

:D:D:):):eek::eek::(:(faithful indeed.anyway its a good offer my fren songa kusonga…hii kenya imechokesha

says Uwesmake, he of the famous adage “hakuna shimo mbaya, shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka, na ata nyoka ukipata imekaa vizuri unapita nayo”

Sasa malaya wa Eindhoven hawatakaa na amani?

Opportunities comes once in a lifetime. Ask @Acoustic. He is no longer in this hustlers forum.
But how are you being recruited kienyeji with no interviews conducted?
I would have gladly taken the opportunity but not without my wife and kids

we have been in communication , nime summarize the ktalk way .

Bado namkamua ukiwa huku. So please usiende. Na uniuzie matatu yako na bei ya kutupa

Ndio usiwahi danganya tena how much did you pay for your visa?
What was the name of your visa?
Which flight took you there? Was it one way? And if not which countries did you connect from?
5 minutes without googling

Was wondering why that name Utrecht sounded familiar.Was at Arnhem some few months ago.

mbisha ya mail ama ata subject of the mail

“Hata wakanyama akikaa mbaya mimi uwes napita na yeye. Yaani sichagui”

:D:D:D umeingia mitini

Panya kwerra kabisa ndio nikuwe na mtu wa kunitafutia parts za nduthi huko Europe.

@culture multihandle manenos:):):slight_smile:

Chukua hiyo opportunity uncle, but you need to learn some dutch first.
You can take a one year unpaid leave of absence from kwift as you see how the Nederland job will turn out to be.

Kama wankupatia kiti na rungu mzuri ya kulinda mlango ya bank hakuna shida. Huku kenya ata kiti ya kukalia hakuna. Watchman anasimama masaa mingi sana. Bad for the knees.