Dec 1 1994

Was heading to tao tu hustle like any other day and had no clue of events about to unfold that morning.
i was in a mat christend ‘Hightech’ from Ruiru. Twas the best there was and there were two of them, watu walikua wapangwa mpaka katikati ya viti. Meria kaa fisi kubwa alikua anahung kwa mlango.
after kutoka Githurai an isuzu lorry ya prison ilituovertake kwa mlima ya roysambu. Ilikua imebeba lots and lots of prison warders on their way to nyayo stadium for jamuhuri day passing out rehearsals.
By safari park lorry was still a few meters ahead of us and due to our overloading we couldn’t catch up. Tukitelemka ruaraka ndio ndrama ilihapen. The truck kaa tunaiangalia vizuri sana iliacha lane ya kwenda tao ikavuka manyasi hapo between the roads ikaingia lane ya thika.
As fate would have it there was a lorry carrying a 20 ft container inashuka from ruaraka. I can still hear the sound of the terrible headon corrision in my head. The prison lorry was a sitting duck.
Our deree somehow managed to stop him mat and we were the first on the scene from hell. Moving Body parts, screams of agony,guns pieces of metal all around us. And then the blood started flowing. Thats when the ‘tough’ Meria passed out.
I had never thought there existed so much blood in the world.
Fastforwad i woke up at guru nanak hospital with doctors fusing and being amazed at how i survived the horrible accident Without a scratch.
i came to learn there were over 60 dead and lots more injured. I was discharged only after i convinced them beyond doubt that i was not in any of the trucks.
sad to say ule lawyer alikua na hii Story chewed the millions meant for this families. Been following up on that story na nikaa ilifagiliwa under the Carpet,
Meria has never been the same from that day.
I learnt to appreciate life


I remember the incident. It was a tire burst if I remember correctly. The kind of scene that would leave you with PTSD.

Vivid memory right there, I remember it too, made front line headlines for quite some days.

Where was I? In shaggs and no TV.


Ata mimi nakumbuka that incident & I think that’s the first time I heard of the term ambulance chasers…

Akuna kitu mbaya kama trauma. I was once in a matatu that ilikuwa kwa speed kwa bend then ghafla bin vu it toppled and rolled. From that time kila saa matatu ilikuwa inapiga kona I used to tilt my head the opposite direction.


You became as cold as ice unatuwekea video ya simba akimla mtu.

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the only fun part with this hekaya id meria pissing on himself while floating in a distant land

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Pole boss!

Nakumbuka hiyo Hi-tech, was white in colour with blue, orange and red stripes… recordi ya kupanga was held by a dude called Omari-conductor wa Mad max who used to pack guys hadi wanafaint juu ya kukosa hewa, actually a passenger died hapo Kasarani juu ya kukosa hewa


kwani mko miaka ngapi was in class 4 in 94… All I remember hiyo time was the rwanda genocide!


I thought you ran away with a G3.


It must have been very traumatic. Pole chief

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I once saw a guy getting run over. I was afraid even to cross roads for several weeks.Trauma

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You are a horrible witness @Meria Mata

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By Jillo Kadida
Nairobi — The runaway lawyer who stole Sh52 million from dead prison warders has been convicted in absentia.

Nairobi High Court judges Benjamin Kubo and Kiprotich Kimaru yesterday sentenced John Kamau Kinyanjui to four years in jail and issued a warrant of his arrest.

Nation, Sept 29, 2004…


Everyone was in shock. That was the last thing in our minds alafu while i was in la la land gsu walishuka hapo kwa wingi. They are the ones who evacuated me.

waah vivid recollection


Wierdos used to have a fieldday squezzing asses and cuming several times before they alighted.

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It had to be an okuyu.i bet my left nut this maafaka is miserable with all his cursed millions

This also explains your obsession with accident scenes.


yeah it’s important to be grateful all the times have just seen that what app clip of Burkina Faso’ prime minister who is said to have collapsed and died while in a news conference

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