Debt recovery manenos

only debt collection officers can relate.

Juzi niliona msee akichotwa gari na bank banae. It was an embarrassing moment for the guy.

Kunguru wake alikuwa hapo akiplead na hao watu :D:D

Why the laughter. Juu ya kunguru ama jamaa akichotwa?

It’s no laughing matter banaa. Around January, a man was told by a certain bank, that the piece of land his house seats on was due for auction, after further investigation, he realized that his wish and son had secured a hefty loan, to facilitate the son’s business using the title deed.
The mzee hanged himself later on. This woman may not even be the beneficial of that loan.

Sii uko na ukumbafu na story mingi za jaba.

Kwa raha zako kizee.

Its a terrible time to be a kenyan amidst these economic difficulties. Gari za uber na bolt zinachotwa kila siku rendering the drivers destitute

Why the green emojis, are you a pycho by any chance celebrating a man being auctioned whereas his female companion was there pleading. Seems the Kdf guys managed to drill not only your bum but your head as well

Debt collection lasima. Iko Jaruo tunaendea leo ilichukua pesa kwa microfinance yangu. Nigger has been escaping our drag net for a year now so we decided to let him get comfortable hadi akapata job. Nitamtoa ofisi na pingu halafu nitoe amri ya mwezi moja industrial area kipii kipate akili.

Itakufanya uskie poa sana, sio?

I thought u er and bolt drivers make reasonable money especially in Nairobi. Asked one the other day he said net of 3k is easy if you don’t want to over strain yourself

Take that with a bucket of salt. They are struggling

One told me they are busy Fri to Sunday night, some hardly sleep on weekends. But weekdays hawako busy like before.

Kwani hakuna dialogue

To make 3k you need a gross of 7k.Means working for over 12hrs most times.When its busy you can make that in 7hrs

One told me the same. Its putting a brave face.

Dialogue failed, tukaenda small claims akashindwa pia, sasa ni warrant of arrest.

Ofcourse itanibamba.