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Its with heavy heart that i pen this listing(in honour of jimmy the founder of klist) yesterday i was minding my own business when i stumbled upon the news of the demise of our great admin and cyber comrade wanderi and just like that it opened floodgates to the feelings i hold in my heart about this grim reaper called death. I never knew wanderi in person or interacted with him in anyway except through his site that brought together many a people.
Those of us who have gone through the pain of loosing a loved one will tell you its not easy period and it never heals …on the outside all may seam well but deep inside its where the pain,anger,disbelieve and all the shit goes on. I watched my mum die right infront of me upto until when her eyelids were closed, that memory is fresh in my mind like it was yesterday despite 12yrs passing on the pain the agony the anguish was all too huge to bear at my young age that was a darkest period of my life. I cannot even pretend to imagine what pain the wanderis are going through all i can pray for God to grant them strength during these hard and trying times.
To wanderi thank you for giving us the opportunity and a platform to interact and make friends that trascend bondaries,tribe,race,age,proffesions,social standing,orientations etc so long my brother!

Death is a real enemy

pole sana… may him Rest In Peace

The mystery of death is the best reason to believe in God.
I t would be comforting though if someone told us the cause of Wanderis death. As a man whose work touched so many peoples lives i think we are owed that much if only to help us deal with his loss.

Death serves as a reminder that we are all human and we are subject to it.Man has sought immortality in so many ways, but in the end death always plays it’s part, no matter how hard you try you can never be prepared for death, it will always cause pain.

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Its true. I saw my mum in mortuary coz she died while I was away and that image is my shadow that follows me everywhere. Four years down the line, it never sink that she is gone. All in all, its always good to know that we will all head that way, and as @Ka-Buda has said, its important believe in God and accept His ways of doing things.

may the Almighty comfort the loved ones.