is there any life after death? i mean this concept eludes me.
i want you guys to drop your views on death and life after … dont judge am just curious

According to our Jewish faith there is some kind of heaven but the devil and hell don’t exist. We are taught to live a simple life that pleases the Lord and not to focus on the afterlife too much

what about evil doers, pain and suffering?

Was reading Prof Margaret Muigai’s interview, when she was in and out of consciousness after being shot during the west gate attack, it was one moment in a bad noisy world and the other in a peaceful silent world. . . .it shouldn’t worry you. All you need to do is live right, with unconditional love (so hard but can be done). Otherwise to die is to rest.

According to what I know, once you are dead, you are dead. You become what you were before you were conceived. Just a state of matter. What I never seem to understand is what exactly life is. What is that that makes you different from that body in the morgue? You may argue that the diseased had a bad heart/heart failure. If so, why wouldn’t transplanting a healthy heart to the dead body not bring it back to life??

Have u ever lost some one u were close to? When u sleep and dream of such people calling u to go where they are…Don’t go…issa trap


Hehehe Stick to single mother stuff. Hii imekushinda.

thanks guys i realy apreciate

Because you’ll need to transplant lungs and a brain which I don’t think is possible at this time. Without the brain you can’t breathe and without oxygen your heart can’t survive. I guess oxygen is life.

Oxygen supports life. It’s not life in itself.