Death on the Road

While transporting election stuff in Garissa, Death called.


Rest in peace Mashujaa.

Pole kwao may they r.i.p. was it an accident or an attack?

Sad. Peace be with your family . Wifes, kids, parents and siblings. Although you have gone, you shall not be forgotten. I wail for you

RIP brave police

What happened? RIP

Shait…iyo ni barabara inakaa ivo

ni accident ama?

2 policemen dead while several IEBC officials injured in an accident while transporting voting materials in Abdisamat area,Garissa County.


Lion King… “When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life…” R.I.P.

“For Raila to be President people have to die” Aladwa.

Pole kwa familia…RIEP

R. I. P

wacha mufaro news wanze fake news na hii pic

may they rest in peace lets hope sio landmine walikanyaga


Wacha Kuhara hapa na Raila. Ametokea wapi sasa? Mcooondoo

RIP but insecurity makes guyz drive like crazy in N.E .

Died while serving their country. May their souls RIP

Pole for those who have to go on without them.

Wah! Pole sana Kwa familia za hao mashujaa…:frowning: