Dear Believers

How is it possible that a witch can just look at you when you’re eating and you end up dying.
Recently we buried a victim of this kind of bewitching. Took the patient to KNH in vain, only to be told later that it was a ‘bad eye’.

Even biology teachers in the forum @gashwin, help me with the explanation to this phenomenon.
Alafu naambiwa, they’ll sneak to the fresh grave at night and scoop some soil to cleanse themselves. Sneaking to the grave involves even sending a snake. Ever heard of such stuff?
Maelezo zije kwa wingi!

Nilisikia mambo kama hiyo huko wesdan Kenya but ni upus.

it’s real yes, I’m also moonlighting as an occult magician.

It happened in Nairobi

alifanyiwa autopsy?


No, am not sure

How did you know he was bewitched? What was the indicator? Was he ‘eyed’ where people saw the witch, ama it was only him? Who was that person later to tell you hes bewitched, an witch hunter?

Kuna wale wanajua, Mimi sijui

Do you trust them with such information, bila physical effidence?

I have. Pale Teso Kuna mmoja anaitwa Okello… Bad Shit man!!

Even witnessed some Ugandan Jujumen ‘Ressurect’ a dead man because he had unfinished business… first hand eye witness…

Some neighbour of ours died and hio siku ya burial was just a strange day in its own way.
Now after burial kuna hio overnight dancing and drinking…our Mboch huko shagz was a drunk so akaenda Matanga Kudance na kulewa.

My aunt feeling un easy asked my cuzo n I to go get the Mboch from the funeral at around 9pm.We reached and found Mboch drunk as hell… we picked her and started the slow stagger back.
On the way kwa hio Kichochoro between Cassava & Tobacco Plantations we met 2 men who told us "kuna rafiki yao amelewa sana hapo nyuma (where they were coming from or rather, where we were headed), tukimpata we tell him aharakishe.

Continuing with our stagger we saw a man dragging a Jembe staggering too… we got closer and kumulika Torch!! Walai we took off like tumeona shetani…It was the Man who had been buried!! The lady immediately sobbered up, akakunja Skirt…n all I saw was her kitambaa ya kichwa fall off, Me niliingia shamba ya Tobacco my cuzo sijui alipotelea wapi… we met at home few minutes later eveyone with the strangest tale… I still have a scar ya pale nilikanyaga kijiti ikatoboa slipper thru my foot!!
That was the last time I was ever in Teso Land… sitawai enda huko hata na dawa! (nimejaribu ku shorten the story but Wateso HAPANA)

As for the bad eye its true… Once my small cuz when he was a babay fell ill n naskia alitolewa Chupa, shells za konokono and other weird shit from his stomach…and a lady wa kazi ya shamba was banned from the vicinity of our homestead…

And you believed it …cuz i even heard the same thing from my aunt ati they got glass and bottle caps and ati around the house were bones tied to rocks and clothes…and even all that still don believe her cuz if am a demon why would i fuck like that…like you got powers and you gone what just kill -whats the profit…i swear thats why africans can’t even make good tv cuz this scripts are weak…

my fren…enda ishi western for a year…mashinani that is

I remember the first time I travelled shaggz with my first born , she was still a baby, tukifika hapo Luanda market to do some shopping, my aunts told me to cover the baby totally, ati that market has witches with a ‘bad eye’ and my child could die.

That was my first culture shock. :slight_smile:

what was it that was scary/ out of the ordinary about that man with a Jembe?

It was the dead man who has=d just been buried

By the way I have a TESO acquaintance and he is very superstitious. Inakaa huko Amagoro ni kunoma

So we can resurrect dead people but cannot come up with a cure for malaria?

Death is us transitioning from this fixed 3 Dimensional existence to the Fourth Dimension…so its unavoidable no matter how we try…but yes apparently voodoo priests can postpone the process and drag you back