Dealing with School Bullies

Would YOU do this to a Kid who was bullying Your Child in School … ??? :roll_eyes: :flushed:


That is a FELONY right there and in some jurisdictions, that is ATTEMPTED MURDER.


I understand his pain as a parent… But this only worsens the situation…


So …
How would YOU deal with a Kid who regularly bullies YOUR child …???
Clearly , the School Teachers are NOT dealing with the problem … :flushed: :roll_eyes:

Sasa Imagine… There is now a higher probability of the parent being arrested and it is downhill from there for the family… The Laws are very harsh for such scenarios no matter how people try to justify them.


Chapa ua. Hakatawai bully WA mwingine. Stupid adults allowing bullying vice, then when matters are handled you come out with your dicks swinging out crying foul.


My Mum actually did this once to someone who was bullying my Sister …
And She got away with it …!!

In Law , there is no such thing as a Good Assault and Battery …

However …
There are mitigating circumstances that can be offered in a plea before a Judge …

I would go with Extreme Provocation and Temporary Insanity:rofl::joy::rofl:

Self esteem back to negative. From now henceforth, mockery will be the order of the day till the day he will be transferred.

Asiyefunzwa na mzazi hufunzwa na ulimwengu.
Dawa ya moto ni moto.

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hiyo ni brain injury, concussion, death… mans will not see the end of this

The law is the problem. If western society was serious about ending or at least reducing such cases, action would be taken against schools which cultivate that hostile environment, coz kids must be watched by an adult whenever they are doing anything within the compound. The teacher responsible should also be held responsible for negligence, and the bully’s parents fined for their children’s misbehaviour. This will motivate people to discipline their brats at home.
But it’s not a perfect world, people who make laws also have bullies within their ranks, and stupid and unfair laws get passed to curtail parental authority, so bullies flourish from home, because Dad and Mum can’t say anything, or the kid will call 911 and cite abuse by parents if they punish him.
Maybe the way out is just to teach your children how to stand their ground and fight bullies themselves because they are peers, so you won’t have to.


A couple of hard slaps would probably suffice …
Unless you were dealing with a really spoiled brat …
It is worth investing in one of those rubber whips that I see Maasai Morans always hawking in Bars …

Incidentally …
In South Africa , Police Batons have been replaced with plastic whips ( Sjaamboks ) to reduce severe injury and even death in encounters with rioters … :rofl::joy:

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hiyo height, impact directly, na loss of consciousness… the man is in trouble. ata kama ajaumia atapigwa child endegenrment

Daktari You do understand if you make a plea of Temporary Insanity… Expert Witness wataitwa na hapo ndio utajikaanga… Maybe if he makes a case of Diminished Capacity as his defense… Hapo the Court might be lenient with him.

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Sir …
The worst offenders are to be found in the very Liberal US School System …
Bullies there are even responsible for suicides among students …

It happens even here in our own schools …
I personally would not intervene if my child were REASONABLY punished for being a bully …

Young , uncontrolled bullies of today turn into violent molesters of tomorrow…:rage:


Diminished Capacity is similar to Temporary Insanity …
In both situations , you loose control of your normal “guard rails” … :joy::rofl:

Quite true, even school shootings in US schools cannot be seen in exclusion of factors such as bullying, racial bias and skewed legislation which seems to shield nascent criminal behaviour.
Collectively, we need to call wrong what it is, and right what it is, and many social problems get prevented. If schools were being held responsible for bullying within their student population, there would be real change, not just in policy, but in practice.
The problem with the modern society in general is that people are afraid of taking a stand against evil, we must sugarcoat destructive behaviour in the name of being “civilized”, and granting rights without responsibility, yet the reality is that society is becoming more and more chaotic.

Contrary to popular belief …
Corporal Punishment is actually permitted in some US States:blush:

School Corporal punishment is currently legal in 19 US States, and over 160,000 children in these states are subject to corporal punishment in schools each year.
The use of school corporal punishment is heavily concentrated in US Southern States

In 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in its Ingraham v. Wright decision that school corporal punishment is constitutional, leaving states to decide whether to allow it.
Nineteen U.S. states currently allow public school personnel to use corporal punishment to discipline children from the time they start preschool until they graduate 12th grade.
These states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming

Corporal punishment is defined as the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain so as to correct their misbehavior.

Although legally approved corporal punishment by parents tends to take the form of spanking a child’s buttocks with an open hand , in schools , a Teacher or Administrator typically administers corporal punishment by using a large wooden board or “paddle” to strike the buttocks of a child.

A typical state definition of school corporal punishment is the one offered in the Texas Education Code, which specifies permissible corporal punishment as, “…the deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force used as a means of discipline.”

Some school districts specify the exact dimensions of the paddles to be used for discipline. For example, the Board of Education in Pickens County, Alabama, recommends that schools use a “wooden paddle approximately 24 inches in length, 3 inches wide and ½ inch thick” that does not have holes, cracks, splinters, tape, or other foreign material.

In North Carolina, 63% of the cases of corporal punishment in the 2013–2014 school year were for disruptive behavior, fighting, aggression, disorderly conduct, or bullying, while the remaining 37% were for bus misbehavior, disrespect of staff, cell phone use, inappropriate language, and other misbehaviors.

In any other context, the act of an adult hitting another person with a board of this size (or really, of any size) would be considered assault with a weapon and would be punishable under criminal law

The law IS an ass

We need just such boards for juveniles here because they missed discipline in school. But personally I’m against caning in schools.

That it most definately is …
Most Judges however , can be relied upon to exercise leeway in applying the Law …

Absurdities of English law are illustrated in 66 satirical essays that are thought-provoking and amusing.
Some of the cases presented, no matter how ridiculous, are still studied today. There is the famous case of Albert Haddock, who wrote out a check to the Collector of Taxes on a cow.
Then there is the case of Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, who, although happily married, got divorced in order to pay less income tax.
This book will teach more about legal proceedings than most lawyers know, provided the reader can stop laughing long enough to learn… :joy: :blush:.

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