Dealing with habitually late friends.

If you’re the kind of person who’s usually punctual, it probably annoys you when people fail to show up on time, even worse when someone is habitually late. I know your pain. So I went searching for ways to deal with such people. Found many interesting responses but one stood out from the comment section of an article. Read it in the screenshot below.


Unakeep time na bado utaacha mali yako ikitafunwa hapa duniani na malaya wezi kama @uwesmake , @Sambamba na @King Robert Baratheon .

Na saa hizo vile ulisweat ukiamka 4.30 a.m to keep time.

@uwesmake hungoja kuskia client amededi hivi kinaingia account kinang’oa 100k digitally. Anarushia mkubwa wake 40k, 60k anapeleka upoko na Harry’s Tavern.

Kisha anangoja auction ndio akule sweat yako bila huruma.

:smiley: Enyewe hii forum ni dark web.

I have Always disliked the the term “Africa time” which means late, to the extent that people have leaned to plan for it e.g if you want sherehe to start at 1pm you tell people to arrive at 11:30am

It turns out that cultures do, in fact, differ in their perception of and attitude towards punctuality and time in general. Nakupata though. Doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Lakini TBH this is not even a problem. Not unless he/she is your business partner and by turning up late harms your image. Hao wengine wote can be dealt with kienyeji style. If they are habitually late unajitoa pia wewe until they get the message.

Ghasia bado nangoja tudollar twa unga ya ngano.

Time is either seen as an abundant resource or an extremely precious commodity.

Vipi wechez? Cheza kiwewe na ushike Jameson

Peasant pambana na hali yako polepole

Ghasia who is wechez.


Wechez wacha kujikataa. Jikubali jinsi ulivyo.[/SIZE]

Unaita nani peasant wewe mwizi?

Tafasali Mimi si wechez. Kama Mimi ni wechez wewe ni homosexual ghasia.

but that’s our culture, kuna unit in mba teaching about different cultures. Africans are generally known not to be in a hurry, Europeans are story tellers, japanese are very strict on time, Americans are usually straight to the point only facts, when dealing with international vendors, you’ll know how to treat each, even them they generally don’t get offended when we delay meetings we initiated 'coz that’s what we are. you just find a balance not to offend the other party. kama wewe in nyeusi you must come alive to the fact that sherehe must start later, to avoid unnecessary stress and bile.