Deal for FCMG marketing

Looking for someone who can help me link with decision makers of top FMCG brands for a new marketing solution.Help me sell my new digital marketing solution.We will deal and see how much you’ll be compensated for your job,time and connections.

Fmcg companies won’t market directly to consumers. They’ll go through agency. And you’ll get taken for a song if you approach an advertising agency.
Google whether your solution already exists in the broadest terms possible and if you’re confident that it is very original and cost effective and that there’s a place for it in thearket, go and copyright it huko KECOBO or sth in South C or visit their website to get acquainted with the process. Then from there look for a lawyer and then approach potential partners.

The likelihood that your idea is original is slim and even if it is, it’s most likely easily replicated. Try execute it yourself on a smaller scale and use that to position yourself as a tried and tested case study of its execution. That way you can grow with it if you truly feel it is worth it.

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