Deadly Women

Who has watched this docu-drama? Banae there are some hardcore kungurus huko yunared states. Hata hawa wetu wa Kenya wa kuwekeana mchele hawafikii hao.

Rusha rink niimulike

Ndo hii

I saw some episodes. American kunguru ni moto ya kuotea mbali.

karibu zote nliwatchie huko youtube ,thety are not restricted

Thanks majamaa, atleast something to keep me busy during the week

I watch it quite a lot. Very useful in letting me know the danger signs in a psycho

Blood relatives
For my man
Fatal attractions
Happily never after
Who the bleep did I marry etc
All category moja yenyewe uko majuu watu huuana bana

These are documentaries aired in ID extra on Dstv. My other favorites is ‘How I almost got away’ and ‘American Monster’